Overview: Gamerules

Attempted to sum up what I know about the new gamerule restructure in a single article, this was the result:

Prompted largely by @Mikali’s request for tutorials earlier today. If the format isn’t helpful, please say so and I’ll try something different. I beg accuracy review by people who know how this stuff works, as well.


Well, based on all these likes if no complaints come forward I’ll see about doing one of these for levels tomorrow.


Hey ETP; I just signed up for the wiki. I have been exploring a lot of the new gamerule content and trying to create some race-specific random events for PDS:Remastered using the new structure GBX rolled out. I’m happy to contribute some edits as we learn more cool things about the system and I definitely support any community action to try and bring modders together to enhance their ability to develop! Cheers; Typh.

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Mhmm …

I, me too, signed up for this wiki.
Probably add function in the function reference for HWRM.

Go working to have lot of information in the wiki :smiley:

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