Overview of BIA HH custom single player maps

Hey guys,
Just to keep these “alive”, these are the custom made SP missions for PC that are currently available for Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway:

mission I made:
Battle of Best v1.02 : http://www.modelspecialist.be/biasdk/images/Battle_of_Best_1.02.zip
Crossroads part 1, 2 and 3: http://www.modelspecialist.be/biasdk/images/Crossroads.zip - keep in mind this is made in 3 parts, read the instructions carefully or you might end up breaking your game.

missions by Ben Burkart:
SP-Countryside: http://evilmrfrank.com/Files/SP-CountrySide.zip
SP-Factory: http://evilmrfrank.com/Files/SP-Factory.zip
Hospital Visual test: http://evilmrfrank.com/Files/VisualTest.zip

If you want to make your own mission for hell’s highway you can always find all the tutorials you’ll need at http://www.modelspecialist.be/biasdk - just be aware that some functions found in the game don’t work in the editor.

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Just a headsup, my SDK was offline for the past few days because a bot was attacking it and the host was threatening to take my site offline entirely. It’s possible that I’ll have to take it offline in the near future in order to update the wikimedia software that I used to run it. It’s also possible that I’ll just add a front page to the site with a captcha if updating would take too much work.

The link to the sdk is online again for the time being.