Overwatch 2 the new Battleborn?

Hey all. Check this new article out. Getting some massive BB vibes from it…kind of exciting :slight_smile:

Little snippets of the article :slight_smile:
Unlike the original game, which was primarily a PvP multiplayer experience, the sequel appears to be emphasizing cooperative PvE content that will see players face off against a multitude of computer enemies in both story levels and more replayable “hero missions.” Players will also be able to level up their heroes and customize their abilities, in another first for the franchise.

“There are still PvP modes and maps, too, with Blizzard promising a new core “Push” mode as well as new maps and heroes (who’ll be added alongside the existing 31 heroes that are already returning). The game will also still heavily feature six-versus-six team combat, similar to the previous game.” (reminds me a lot of meltdown on description).

Who knows? BB was probably my favorite game ever made, so to see it’s concept live on in any franchise would be wonderful for me.


That’s the reason for me to go back into Battleborn again
That was strange to see Battleborn mechanics in Overwatch lol