Overwatch/Battleborn Crossover?

No! Not like the actual games crossed over (although that would be pretty cool), like in a comic book or even an a reality TV show, what would y’all think?

I want to drop kick overwatch.


Me too

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Why though

Many, many factors make something like that impossible

Like why though

The fight scenes would be epic


I can see it now, Kelvin chomps mei’s head right off her body, spits it out and screams as calmly and gently as possible, “there can only be one ice wielder per franchise!”


What are you talking about? Just hang the game from a string, or put it on any form of jimmy-rigged platform, and you can dropkick it easily.

Waiting for it…

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I ain’t super familiar with Overwatch’s characters.
So before I answer…

  1. Are any of 'em, like, cool to chill with?
  2. Of those who are cool to chill with, would any of 'em hang out with me?
  3. Of those who would hang out with me, how many would want to still hang out with me after a couple hours with me?

Because if they’re not cool to chill with, they won’t hang out with me, or they’d want to kill me after hangin’ out with me… they’re rocket fodder, baby.
But… you know… if they’re cool… like… with hanging out with a loudmouthed Aviant… I could be persuaded to invite 'em over.


I can see kelvin pulling a gaara

turns mei’s ice move against her,

some yes, some no, some aren’t even relevant half the time
its all very familiar

“Can’t freeze what’s already frozen” (chomp)

Mei is screwed in that matchup, lore wise battleborn in “power level” are WAY higher than overwatch, some of them could probably solo the whole cast, kelvin if he ate a lot


Everywhere I go, I see “Overwatch Free Weekend” announcements. Nothing on Battleborn Day…

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Some things simply don´t go good together due to style - to combine OW and BB is like mixing Pixar movies with Afro Samurai…or Ghibli-classics. I can´t imagine it would work.

Sometimes combining awesome things works great, like icecream with chocolate cookies, but sometimes the outcome is horrible, like sushi with hot caramel sauce.


Those dumbasses at Blizzard! How am I ever going to play your free weekends when you schedule them during Battleborn events? I mean, I miss every damn Overwatch event because I’m playing Battleborn. :expressionless:


Well at least this time, it’s next week. I think they don’t need to “kill Battleborn” anymore. They are letting us have this weekend, and then take over next week.

Next week? Oh, so I may finally be able to play Overwatch for once? That’s new and weird and interesting.

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I’ll actually try Overwatch if it’s free for a weekend, if only to justify my hatred for it.

This sounded cool at first but…

Combine all the crazy, unique and realistic characters with a bunch of Mary Sues/Gary Stues… That’s probably going to be quite annoying… I just feel like the characters won’t mix, and that it wouldn’t end up with a good result. (Like, BBs charcters don’t mix but that did end up well because none of them really seems annoyingly perfect.)
And also, the styles of both Battleborn and Overwatch won’t really fit. Especially the females. Females from Overwatch combined with the females of Battleborn would look just… Weird. I’m pretty sure characters like Mellka and Reyna would have beautiful comments on their unnatural perfect looks. ;p

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