Overwatch beta happening at Battleborn launch

I don’t know what to say…


Nasty. Thought the honest truth is that Battleborn needs to be able to face off competition like this to prove itself as a game. Gearbox will need to muster up its a-game on launch for this one. Borderlands never had to face of any competition directly and it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Good luck Gearbox, no-one wants to be in this position.


Randy should be happy.
Blizzard is afraid of BB at some point.


Wow… talk about a low blow


i hope blizzard fanboys stay away from battleborn. after being denied beta access for this long i’d feel slighted to be able to play a couple weeks before release. but i have no interest in that game: the sole teamplay mechanic of hero swap is as unexciting as the vanilla dry game mode(s?). battleborn offers more in greater variation to keep the experience fresh, engaging, challenging, and progressive.


I rather not see a delay in this game honestly. And hope that wont happen.
It does show that Blizzard isn’t taking BB lightly, even if it is rather a punch-in-the-dick-action they are doing.

Well, I have my faith in Battleborn.

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Wow. That goes way below a low blow. This open beta better do wonders for the game’s hype, or else we might be seeing a ghost town release.

On second note, maybe they can spare pushing the release date up a day or two. I really doubt they want to coincide with Overwatch’s beta and I don’t think they’d want to delay the game again.

Aside from moving the release up, I think they could consider having a longer open beta period. The two games’ production cycles are rather neatly lined up at the moment, but Battleborn has a slight advantage in coming to consoles before Overwatch through its beta. I think consoles will be what will make or break the game in the long run, so I think they need to really start pushing the game through them. Either way, open beta will be a critical point for Battleborn.

I personally think Battleborn can stand up with Overwatch, and once players realize that the two games are different enough that you can’t really compare the two of them easily is when I think Battleborn will really come into its own.

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Well, yeah, no matter what they do they’ll probably have to end up “combating” Overwatch for players (initially). The games are definitely radically different though, and hopefully the distinguishing features will start to become obvious during the Battleborn open beta. Battleborn really is a unique game and consequently, a lot of people don’t know what to make of it.

Here’s hoping to a good open beta (… and soon).

Actually this might be good. Personally if I know I’m going to pick up Battleborn I really would rather play the game I just spent money on then the beta

It’s a low blow. OW isn’t a better product (people tend to play it for a week or two, then move on and forget about it), but Blizz has the better marketing department. OW consistently steals media attention away from Battleborn, who should have a LOT more recognition than it does right now.


The only part of this that bothers me is that I won’t be able to play in the Overwatch beta now because I wall be playing the ■■■■ out of Battleborn.


Does this Overwatch/BB thing remind anyone else of the Infamous/Prototype thing a few years ago? Two games considered very similar come out at about the same time and people argue over which is better?

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This could be a great thing. All Gearbox/2k needs to to do is just compare the two in marketing on web sites. One has multiplayer, the other has multiplayer,… battleborn has single player, and co-op among 25 differents heros.

Not trying to dis overwatch. Blizzard makes great games. But battleborn is trying to be different. And people need to see that. :grin:

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I think they need a hardcore ad campaign for like the week before release, because rn battlborn is not on a lot of radars, and if they can get a good group to hop on battleborn early, it might be able to still succeed. My impression so far is that OW looks a lot flashier, and to many looks like a more polished game at first glance, but battleborn definitely looks like it has much more replayability value, and seems like the type of thing people could get really into for a really long time.

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BB will be DOA tho :^s

In what way?

There use to be a website that tracked the history of all big games that launch/betas on the same day, wish I had that link now.

Coincidentally, some of the GTAV updates have aligned with some game releases. Someone with a lot of free time and talent should make a website that track this sort of stuff.