Overwatch brought me here

Hello there!

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you guys. I’ve seen a lot of fear surrounding overwatch and how it could take some of battleborn’s player base.

Ive been a blizz fan for a long time. And I’ve been waiting for overwatch a long time. So was my hype, I started to search anything that could entertain me before its release. and then I found battleborn’s open beta.

I never heard about gearbox, borderlands… it was a complete new experience for me. And it was insanely fun. It had the complexity, the depth and the mechanics I was looking for. But then the beta ended and I though “well, now let’s wait for ow’s beta to come out”.

But when it came out, and after playing battleborn for a while, it felt like an empty experience. Really quick matches, without any sense of progression. With REALLY unbalanced heroes. And, as a team based shooter, with people being more concerned about shooting rather than doing what they should do, it wasn’t as cool as I was hoping. And Bastion pwning everyone and so on.

Surprisingly, I found myself returning overwatch’s pre order, and buying battleborn. After all the time I’ve been waiting for the first one.

I think I’m not the only one with this experience. And I believe, this game has the potencial to really compete against overwatch.

Just wanted to share with you guys :slight_smile:

See ya ingame



Thanks for the input and feedback.

If you have any questions, or if you happen to have any critiques, please also list those as well.

All feedback is welcome.


Fixed that for you, Giu. :wink:

I feel the same way, Lassavins. I think once Overwatch is released and the PVP players see how hollow its gameplay is compared to BB, they’ll come back here. By that time most of the major complaints should have been addressed and it may feel like a new game to them. I came for the story (a bit old for twitch based shooters) and I have no regrets. :dukecheese:

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As much as we strive for constructive dialogue here @Gulfwulf, even simple opinions and non-constructive feedback are in essence completely welcome, so far as they are polite and respectful.

The above is the trifecta of constructive, polite, and respectful.

You just had to go and ruin a good joke, didn’t you, Giu? :dukejk:

I agree. I wish more would follow his lead, but I chalk it up to emotions running way too high, which leads to common courtesy being thrown out the window. Speaking of which, when are you going to get a real system so we can play BB together?*

*Just so you know, that was a joke as well. :dukecheese:

Hah! I have a really good PC Gulf. I love console gaming too, for the couch co-op. But the main reason I stick to consoles is because it is the easiest thing for me to get on with most of my best mates.

I’ll stop there so I don’t derail this well thought out thread. But we’ll definitely play soon. :slight_smile:


I was very hyped for both games, but in the end I also prefer Battleborn. I’ll be getting Overwatch some day, but personally I don’t like Blizzard and would prefer to pay as little as possible for their stuff :grin:

Overwatch did a lot of stuff better, but unfortunately the PvP experience didn’t feel much different from Call of Duty. Tons better, but not different enough.


I had a similar experience, except I played BB first then tried OW because everyone says it’s awesome. I played it for about 30 minutes, got best stats on my team and it still just felt empty or at least very similar to stuff I’ve played already.

I spent only like 10 of those 30 minutes not thinking about BB.


This was exactly my experience too, although I didn’t play the BB Beta… I played the Overwatch beta, and love the setting (gfx, characters etc) but the gameplay was boring, too fast and no real progression… Two days of that, and I went out and bought BB… Haven’t put it down since, Overwatch pre-order cancelled, and I seriously doubt I’ll pay for a game with such little content and not much replay ability.


Geez, gonna have to report these guys for being off topic!

Anyway, cool, and welcome!

I’m sure Overwatch is a fine game, but from everything I’ve seen and heard, it is just another in a long list of mp shooters. I have no interest in those. I don’t play mobas either. But this game is amazing.

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I also honestly believe Battleborn CAN be a better game than Overwatch. Right now there’s a lot of stuff to be fixed but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I got bored with Overwatch after a day or two and didn’t really find myself as excited to play it.

Well @filippo333.

I’m certain you’ve got good feedback to give on what particular changes you want.

Also, it helps to say what you think is spot on, so the developers know what they’ve hit the community benchmark on. Feel free to express so in this thread.

I remember seeing the original Overwatch trailer and being blown away.
“The world they can create!”
“The stories that can be told!”
"This is truly next level stuff."
I was excited for the following animated shorts and still I thought this could be good. I’d seen some gameplay and it looked fun but I could play any old shooter for good shooting. I wanted to know the characters.

Information began to leak out. That was it. They had no story mode or anything to unlock to learn more about them. These interesting characters were not made interesting by anything in the game. We would learn nothing of them in this game. I like games for the story and characters. I think I’m rambling, but the potential Overwatch had to be really something with truly awesome characters with amazing stories really bummed me out when such was not delivered. Don’t get me wrong. Battleborn isn’t some masterpiece of story telling, but they are characters I can get to know a little better, that’s all.


Things I like about Battleborn:

  • [Extremely engaging and fun combat system] As someone who doesn’t like/play traditional MOBAs, I really enjoy the level playing-field at the start of each match.

  • [Wide variety of unique characters and abilities] The problem of having so many heroes means trying to make all their abilities unique. I don’t know how Gearbox have managed to achieve this but, they have!

  • [Well designed maps which require mastering] The conquest and meltdown modes generally have well positioned cover for both teams and offer equal opportunities and chances to push.

Things which could do with improvement:

  • [People leaving matches/dropping out] The best solution here isn’t so much to punish leavers as it is to make people currently playing experience as little as friction as possible. Replacing the leaver with AI of an equivalent skill level seems like the best option to me. Someone else also mentioned increasing the unaffected team’s re-spawn timer to balance things out. I like both these solutions personally.

  • [Matchmaking issues/ lack of ranked play] I strongly believe Battleborn needs a good ranked play system which balances out both teams prior to starting a match. Matchmaking needs to be done on a character based level in my opinion as a player may be great with certain characters and useless with others. This information should be based on in-game statistics rather than a simple loss or win considering a match loss doesn’t mean you played badly.

  • [Performance issues] This one is pretty self explanatory but needless to say, it’s not fun to play competitive games when your frame-rate isn’t consistent. Many maps suffer massive optimization issues at certain points and others are perfectly fine.

  • [Reporting Players] Currently, this is an issue given how prevalent hackers have been as of lately. There needs to be a good aim-bot detection system and an easy way to report suspected cheaters. The last match I played, our entire team knew there was a blatant aim-botter, but could do nothing other than wait for the game to end to rid us of him/her.

-[Progression System] I feel that there should be a long term system to keep players coming back. I’m not really sure what to suggest here, perhaps something similar to Hearthstone’s Arena mode: In this case, getting to a certain level gives you access to a mini tournament (a set of objectives which when met, reward the player). Each time you win or complete some sort of goal (like kill 10 players without dying), you’d be rewarded with a one time match boost of some sort. Failing to meet the criteria would end this opportunity. Just throwing random ideas about!

I hope this helps you guys!


Hey @filippo333.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

From what I know (which in fairness is limited at this point) a lot of this points are on the docket for the developers at the moment, so you may see changes in some of them in the near future.


Nice to know, look forward to updates :slight_smile:

After watching some vids and doing some research I made the educated choice of buying BB (i’m a little biased by Borderlands love though). But after playing the OW free beta I ended up buying it too… Why? Since I had a coin to spare I didn’t feel like I had to choose one so, if I have less than an hour I can play 5 or 6 OW matches in a matter of minutes, but when I have more free time I’ll go BB because it’s missions take at least 30 minutes and you have to grind a little to unlock the Badasses and the mutations, the gear, the lore, etc.

Short version: little time? let’s have fun in the kiddie pool of OW; a couple of hours to spare? Let’s dive in the deep pool with a waves system of BB.


I will play both. Personally, I lean to Overwatch, and I disagree, the toons are balanced once you fully understand their limitations. I found Overwatches graphics “Cleaner”. I play on a serious PC in 4K on a 42inch screen and yes, it’s right in front of my face. In 4K at 42 inches, Overwatch is cleaner. Less jaggies. Less glitchy looking. Frame rates are higher on Overwatch. Beta for Beta, I found Overwatch to be more polished. - What I liked about Overwatch was you “Felt like a superhero.” I pulled some truly amazing feats off and got to see them back. This wasn’t just once or twice, but it was constant. I didn’t get that type of “SuperHero” feeling of “did you see that?” on a constant basis in B.B. -

What I didn’t like in O.W. was one person playing stupid, got everybody killed. I think BB is more forgiving in this sense. But not by much. - OW felt more responsive to player controls. This may be fixed in BB but the game felt effortless in mouse/keyboard. Felt I had more combo’s personally, and if you get communication going in OW, you can combo off each other or setup some wild situations. In BB I felt like that I had less opportunity to combo my abilities, both on a personal level and on a team level. Sure they are cool, but pulling a combo in OW with people that you haven’t planned anything with was pretty slick. And they aren’t truly apparent until you get quite a few hours and levels into the game.

But I’m not discounting BB at all. It’s just a different game really. No reason not to enjoy both. Now, DOOM on the other hand. Now that’s a disappointment.

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That is the thing for me, depth. Overwatch I feel will grow stale quickly because of the pace… it’s like let’s have the variety and statistics of a complex game but played at break neck pace where you don’t get to appreciate them. I really like the leveling up and gradual evolution into monster killing machine that Battleborn provides.


To me, Overwatch felt more like playing an updated Team Fortress 2. I Like the character design but I can feel it getting old. I like the Battleborn feel of a teamwork game.

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