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Saw other topics here, figured I’d make one for OW.

Roadhog is my favorite character in Overwatch. I hope Ghalt has a similar play style, due to his hook and shotgun.

So Blizzard just did something awesome.

All physical copies of Overwatch will be delivered a day early. And go on sale a day early in store. So EVERYONE, even physical copy owners - can be there for Midnight release / pre-load.

Never seen a dev do that. I’ve seen the games ship a day early or a few by accident, but to do this, overall? That’s incredible.

Considering the physical sales of the game will probably make up the minority, it’s even more impressive.

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So, just made this sloppy video.


Google article.

Game is out guys!

Having a blast!

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Yep, a common issue in WOW. Enjoy your game

Those short movies are lovely, in case you missed 'em here is a couple:

Well I got my first legendary,

screw you too Blizzard

Oh yea the leaver penalty is the dumbest thing in a while, oh you got 2000 ping and literly can’t play so you leave? -75% exp.

10 million and growing! Up from 7 million of two weeks ago.

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Well, this ups the ante a bit in the gaming cyber wars:


New character comes to Overwatch.

I really like her design, very badass! Reminds me a bit of BL2 Maya played as Sniper/Nurse built, while she has a ME3-Kasumi-like aura.

Yeah, she plays pretty fun so far. Cool design and overall character.

Can’t wait to be at 10% hp and see 3 yellow beams around me because our Ana can’t aim…

She looks fun though, sleep dart + taunt is the ultimate BM.

I want to love this game but so many things about it on console frustrate me to no end. The Moba-watch game mode is fun and I wish the base game was more like that. That would alleviate like 75% of the problems I have with it currently.

Moba-watch game mode? What?

It was the weekly brawl for this week. You could only pick one character instead of multiple and you couldn’t switch out of the character you picked.

That’s what Competitive mode is / is going to be, they’re changing Competitive to no hero-stacking.