Overwatch got it right by letting a team have multiple of one character on a team

The fact people are literally quitting a match because someone else picked Alani just further convinces me of this.

Since we can already make private matches with out Unique characters on, what about a matchmaking option so those of us that enjoy ‘hero stacking’ can do so with out having to go through the trouble of private matches?

Those who don’t like it can ignore the mode.

Overcrotch has playable characters. Battleborn has heroes. You get 5 kleese on a team or 5 isic and it’s just a massacre



That’s lazy “balancing” and it wouldn’t even begin to work correctly in BB. Absolutely horrible gameplay.

If people are that hellbent on playing one specific character, then they can go play campaign.


Overwatch is completely different. You can play with 6 Soldier 76s. Multiples of any character in a MOBA style game like this just doesn’t make any sense, and only hinders team performance. A team of 5 Alani would be absolutely crushed


Well I’m a strong believer in Overwatch actually getting it super wrong by letting multiple selections of the same character possible.
Balance based on counter + letting the players choose duplicates scream lazy balancing to me. And after reviewing videos of 6 Reinhardt rocking the mode where you fight for the control of a point, or 5 winstons in attack, I feel quite correct…


bb has a moba skeleton good sir games with this would be terrible if we could all pick the same character well maybe not terrible but it definitely wouldnt be good. Over watch feels like its trying to be blizzards tf2 were that style works way better

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Seriously, 5 of any one character can be crazy strong or broken and should not be considered when balancing. So i highly disagree

You can’t have the same character in any other MOBA game on the same team. No one’s quitting those games and they’re quite successful.

It’s not a matter of access to heroes, it’s a lack of punishment for bailing right now.

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Besides blizzard already has a MOBA heroes of the storm. No duplicates there! Overcrotch is more a because we can game more akin to cod


I can’t even begin to imagine what a match with all Montanas or Galileas would be like. I mean, it would be such a massacre it would be unplayable. Or a map with all Marquis’. In fact, a map with one team being any one character would be really bad.

Forcing yourself to pick one character is a pretty good strategy. Someone used Oscar Mike, so let me try Reyna. Someone picked ISIC. No problem, I guess I could try Miko and see if I like him. Picking one character forces the person to think outside the box. Yeah, sure, it may suck that someone took a character you are used to play with, but that gives you the initiative to try and master another character so it doesn’t become a problem. It’s why people have “alternatives”.

If Overwatch wants to go ahead and have multiple characters in one match, that’s perfectly fine. It’s just one of many things I’m sure that differentiates itself from Battleborn.


Yeah… id love to see 5 Gal teams in public!

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Sorry but no. Overwatch has healers, tanks, and supports besides just DPS. A full team of Reinhardy or Winston winning means the other team is utterly clueless on how to play. Every single character has a slew of counters and if the enemy team won’t switch to counter them, that is their mistake.

See, in Overwatch you can change characters anytime you want in the match. That’s why you can have more than one of the same character on a team. The enemy can simply choose more of the counters if they would like. How that equates to “lazy balancing” as you put it is beyond me. Giving the players more options is never an issue of balancing. Every single character has their usefulness in Overwatch unlike in BB.

A match in over crotch can also be carried by a single person due to cod like health and killability


From being a DotA2 player I wish we couldn’t pick the same character twice in a match. I mean, even in the enemy team.

But well the game only has 25 characters (26 now) so I guess we don’t have the choice.

But NO, never allow duplicates in pvp, it would be awful and unbalanced.

Any character x5 = bullsh*t happening.
5 ghalt > hook madness
5 marquis > never see anyone on lanes and you get nest of 15 owls.


Wait what? You can change who your playing mid game? -_-’ that seems… off but heck ok…

It seems you can yes.
And overwatch hardcore fans are like "best feature ever <3"
To me it’s just another point of “overwatch is TF3”

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Yes. Just like in TF2. It is a shooter, not a MOBA. The entire thing is balanced around working with your team to counter the enemy, then counter their counters, etc.

Nothing personal but this is one of the worst suggestions to date. Bad idea on many levels and there is a reason all other mobas don’t allow this.

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No thanks, the thoughts alone of going against 5 Orendi’s is terrifying.


point of thread is…?

this is not overwatch stop comparing this game to a shooter

2 montano’s and 3 mikos. no no no