Overwatch might actually help Battleborn?

Battleborn isn’t most popular game on the marked and it isn’t creating as much hype in gaming mainstream as Overwatch or even previous Gearbox’s game. There was this rivarly thing for a moment when Blizzard released OW’s open beta just on BB’s release, but it was (or is) ridiculous as these games are very different.

I think that Overwatch is actually going to do more good than harm to Battleborn and it’s population in a long run. There are lot’s kids hyped for this “hero shooter” thing thanks to OW, but some of them will become bored with Blizzard’s game very soon and will look for something more complex. Just like lot’s of people started playing Bad Company 2 (and became fans of Battlefield series), when simple, arcady Modern Warfare wasn’t enough - and again, these games had very little in common, except for being fps with similar theme.

What do you think?


eh i think people that enjoy battleborn will play battleborn and people that enjoy overwatch will play overwatch


It’s an interesting idea and I won’t dismiss it because it is fairly logical. Personally, I didn’t know there was a rivalry thing between BC2 and MW. I played BC1 and adored that soo… IDK

My thoughts are that in order for a game to get better, they need a rival.

Now I wouldn’t say Overwatch and Battleborn are rivals right now, obviously Overwatch has won the marketing campaign and already profited from it. But I think Overwatch’s presence is good to have because it forces GBX to improve on their game and it gives them a goal to strive towards.

In regards to your statement about people getting bored of Overwatch, there are already alot of players like that with each passing day, but that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically migrate over to Battleborn. I think we should just keep just doing what we’ve been doing. Most of the topics presented in these forums are great and provide great feedback, they never come off as too bratty or whiny either. We’re willing to talk over everything. I think the only thing Battleborn needs to do right now is improve on its current base and eventually it will grow into a very polished game.


And some of us will play both!

Really I think the whole ‘competition’ thing is being blown a bit out of proportion. They are, as said, very different games beneath the surface. Most of the perception of competition is just coming from the dates clashing and Blizzard pulling the beta-on-release-date thing, and a lot of the rest of it is coming from people either intentionally trolling or people seeing other people making comparisons and thinking too much of it. But hey, it’s possible that all the comparisons will result in fans of Overwatch wanting to come check out Battleborn too and see what it’s like, and that will probably result in more fans of Battleborn.

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yeah it seems like if someone even says over and watch in the same sentence it turns into a flame war for no reason :stuck_out_tongue:

There wasn’t that much rivarly at first between BC2 and MW. What I ment is Bad Company 2 became succesful (much more than BC1) because after MW1 and 2 modern combat theme was on top. This rivarly nonsense (as they play very different) between CoD and Battlefield series became a thing in 2011 (with MW3 vs B3) and is seeing to this day (with Infinite Warfare vs Battlefield 0).

Battleborn might be beneficial from hype created by Overwatch, even if it’s just a theme of “hero shooter” that connects these two. When kids become bored with simpler OW, more complex BB is next thing to check.

I had no interest in overwatch, as before playing battleborn’s beta online with other players, I generally just bought/played games that were offline solo champaigns, or split screen co-op (eg. Borderlands, tomb raider, the last of us…)…

This is also why I preorder Battleborn before playing the beta, as I thought it could be enjoyed offline… I preordered it due to loving borderlands alone… Not really knowing anything about it, haha…

Battleborn opened a whole new world of game play to me, and I am now in love with playing online with other players, so thanks gearbox/2k for introducing me to such a thing!

However, I now have a love/hate relationship with battleborn due to its increased queue times, and what I want as ‘one quick game’, ending up taking me 30 minutes in queue, then ending with 5 minutes play due to disconnects, surrenders and 4v5 teams…

But I still crave my new online game play experience…


I just bought Overwatch…

Please don’t hate me…

I’m new to these things…

And I want to see if I, as green around the edges as I am to online game play with others… will or won’t actually enjoy this game… Or quickly grow bored of it as many say…

Only time will tell when I boot it up…

BUT, as I started out… I wouldn’t have even considered it without Battleborn…

The eb games Australia store person asked me why I was buying Overwatch, and I mentioned how I had become disheartened with Battleborn…

And to make me feel better, they gave me another free Battleborn figure as they still had plenty in stock…

So, my love for it won’t die, I will still be playing Battleborn… just craving some variety, and game play consistency.

P.S: I also bought DOOM too… So not an overwatch fan girl, or whatever, haha.


Ah, hope you have fun then. My utmost and strong recommendation is to find teammates to play right in Overwatch though. Teammates who you communicate regularly with because the solo queue can be a tad bit…tiring at times.

As I also understand it, Australia is also one of the least populated regions for Battleborn, certainly doesn’t help with matchmaking.

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:scream: for shame! How dare you support the competition! Lol :joy:

I’m in the same boat as you with only ever playing single player offline games and BB being the first game that I’ve tried and enjoyed online with others. I’ll probably pick up OW when it’s much cheaper too, but I’ll never get into it as much as BB.


As long as you’re having fun, no one should be able to scold you for the game you’re playing. I picked up Overwatch too - I originally had no interest in it as I am primarily a PvE player except in private matches with friends, but enough of my friends were getting Overwatch to make it enticing. And hey, maybe playing around in the PvP there will make me bolder about trying the PvP back in Battleborn. Not like I’m gonna stop playing this game, not by a long shot. ‘Containing a story mode’ alone is plenty to keep it on top for me.

I’d like to see both games thrive. Games are fun. Games that encourage play with other people are fun. Everybody should get to enjoy and support fun things. I’m not the ‘competition’ type when it comes to games because well play what’s fun, don’t play what isn’t, and just enjoy yourself! They’re games.

That said, I have already been prodding at my Overwatch team to come join me in Battleborn too. So we’ll see how that goes!


Thanks for the advice, @SethCypher, I’ll give it a shot…

I watched a couple of twitch channels of various people playing it, and I’m still not convinced it’s my style of game… But I thought I’d give it a go…

I’m certainly not on the hype train, and given my lack of experience with these types of games, maybe I’ll be able to give it a new/fresh perspective/review… Whether positive or negative, we’ll have to see…

I still want Battleborn to be successful, and I have no doubt in certain regions where the servers and player demand are more prominent that it will grow and grow…

Battleborn is a great game… This isn’t goodbye for me, that’s for sure… If I had to name drop one over the other, I’d point people towards Battleborn before Overwatch, because I feel it honestly deserves it…

Keep playing BB, @shinobido101… Save your money for now (only if you want…), I’ll let you know if I’d recommend it, seems though we are in a similar game play boat.

And yes, I’m all for the love of games too, @NightRaven713… Just wanna get my play on, haha.

I think I’ll live vicariously through you then @elle_tee lol. No interest whatsoever in Overcouch, but I do hope you enjoy your new games!

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Nothing is going to get people playing Battleborn except massive price reductions and being free on PSplus and xbox gold. The game just does not interest people, it is following the exact same trajectory as Evolve did and a year from now Battleborn will look like this:


notice the big bump in players September last year - that is when it was free for a week on Xbox.


Nice conclusion. now the big question… Is battleborn healthy enough in players to wait until then?

When I got my refund in pc the population was beyond bad, I bought in xbox for a fraction of the original price and today saturday I noticed that queves times no longer says short in wait time, now it says average…

It’s hard to compare pc and console market. E.g. Call of Duty isn’t doing very well on steam, while it dominates XBL and PSN. Battleborn on XBL started at 40-something place month ago and sits there to this day. It’s hard to tell with 100% sure, how population retaintion will look on consoles on long run, but Battleborn has all what it takes to avoid the fate of Evolve (and by this I mean actual content and better word to mouth). Also, as topic of this thread says, hype for “hero shooter” might help as I see new wave of early-level players in matchmaking (XB) since release of Overwatch.

I’m playing on Xbox since (almost) release and I noticed to that queves times are now longer “short”, while in fact, they’re much shorter than they were week or two ago or after release! I’d say that Gearbox did something to matchmaking and that changed both actual waiting time (this one improved) and it’s notation (nowadays “average” is shorter than previous “short”).

Strongly disagree.

How different the games actually are doesn’t matter so much, for 2 reasons: they are perceived as being very similar, probably more similar than they really are (and the heart of the gameplay actually is very similar).

The other reason is that video games compete with each other regardless of genre or how similar they are. Doom, BB, Uncharted 4, Overwatch, all within a month of each other. They compete for a lot of the same audience, no question about it.

The fact that BB is 33% cheaper less than a month after release should be evidence enough that Overwatch didn’t help more than it hurt. A price drop like that is unheard of. I can’t think of any time it’s ever happened in gaming history.

While i do agree with you on some points this last is simply not true not only is this quite normal nowadays you can even find specials and heavy discounts on several AAA even before theyre released, for example I bought Farcry 3 on the official PS store with 30% discount before release, thats just one example that popped up in my head right after i saw what you wrote.

Calling people looking into this game kids because they have Overwatch isn’t exactly the best way to greet them.

Overwatch and Battleborn aren’t even the same genre of game outside of having guns. Overwatch is Blizzard’s spin on TF2, Battleborn is Gearbox’s spin on SMITE. People that are looking for a more complex game won’t move to this one just because it’s somehow the competition, they’ll move to a more complex game of the genre they enjoy.