Overwatch vs BB Reminds Me Of VHS vs Betamax

A opinion from an artist who likes boobs, but cringes at the term “T&A”:

I kinda despise game-franchises which sucess is mostly or even only based on slight T&A, which evolves into a huge porn-fanart-community, sustaining the rest of the fanbase like a fundament.

I like fanart. And I like porn.

But if developers choose to have heavy T&A in their games only to feed hentai-artist´s & enthusiasts , which in return enlarge the fanbase massively (- no pun intendet) , I find it…uhm…cunning, yet… sleazy in many ways.

Sex sells, I get it. But that sex sells should not influence art as it does nowerdays, especially in gaming-business imo.

Sorry for the (somehow totally off-topic >.<) rant… But I think to ask a professional artist to “re-create the whole cast to have more T&A-friendly, because it sells better” is demeaning towards the artist/artists/designers and their work.


I picked Mellka and Orendi specifically because they aren’t what some would normally classify as sexy to bring attention to the power of the twerk to turn anyone into pure hotness!


Sorry… I just had to post it.

Mhhh, a fanart of all 30 Battleborn twerking at/on/arround each other…Sounds like a challenge :smiling_imp:


I half agree with you, in a slightly different way.

I’m a simple man. I like games. I like boobs. But not in the same place.

Like chocolate and cheese. Great on their own - not so much together.


That sums it up pretty well for me too, although you could replace “boobs” with “rips of his shirt off, just for ■■■■s and giggles” xD

I guess my opinion is a bit split on this. I´m a gamer and a fanartist. As gamer I share your view completely.

And as fanartist I´m just miffed that sexy fanart always get´s more attention. No matter how utterly bad executed it may be…
Ahhhh art-frustration^^


@nbrownlie237 @ganjamira

Except in this strange and beautiful case.

One of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands.

Ween - Chocolate & Cheese

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The exact phrase me and my wife use for many situations
"Because boobs"


Me & my fiance have the same saying/habit when gaming or watching series/movies :joy:

Although some “Because Boobs”-characters are okay and even awesome. Moxxi would be my 1st place there, along with Matsumoto from Bleach and Major Kusanagi from GitS.

@FlamesForAll just let me know when the derailment reaches intolerable levels :heart:



I don’t know if that’s even possible for threads I create!

Am I bad?

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~Aurox Voice~


If I had to choose between VHS and Betamax, I´d get Laserdisc instead, because it sounds so futuristic.


You just listed some of our favorites but forgot tsunade from naruto :laughing:


@Ganjamira @loving-hatred

To this day, I still have a fairly serious crush on for Major Kusanagi.

Wiping the ScarJo live action variant from my memory banks, of course, because that film was a complete and utter abomination.

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In my defense: I never came to watch or read Naruto… I flipped a coin to decide which manga-series to invest in, Naruto or Bleach, and got into Bleach. (only 6 bands or so, watched the anime as far as possible)

Watched Naruto Abridged though lol

She´s my heroine since I was a kid. Still waiting for cyberbrains to be developed^^



Don’t make me hack your Ghost!

Have you seen the four newest GitS films?

Arise, etc?

They’re awesome.

EDIT: Maybe it was only 3!

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I saw the Original movie (1995), Innocence and Single State Society… There´s a fourth animated one!!!

Arise is on my “To-watch-list”, but our internet is to slow for streams, so I´ve to save up for DVDs ToT

Ahhhhh…huh, I was really excited for a sec xD

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Saw the ghost in the shell movie then started on the anime, and only had one thing I would augment like that, my eyes due to color vision(literally only color vision due to how career limiting it is for me)


I just checked wikipedia, yeah you’re all caught up!

I was thinking of Arise as 4 different films, but it is considered a third series (afer SAC 1 and 2) with 4 episodes.

SAC 1 & 2 are forever unbeatable, though.

Still my 2 favourite anime series, bar none.


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Same here^^ GitS and Ghibli-movies were my first animes, followed by Hellsing and Ranma 1/2 :smile:

Did´nt knew you were colorblind, it would be amazing if there were a treatment for it. I guess I´m far to scared by any form of surgery, so IF I´d get under the knife then only for a full prostetic body.

____[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:38, topic:1561863”]
SAC 1 & 2 are forever unbeatable, though.

Still my 2 favourite anime series, bar none.

I´d put SAC on first place too, although I enjoyed Trigun and Hellsing Ultimate just as much.
Over that hover all Ghibli-movies, basically because Miyazakis work inspired me to become an artist after all.

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I have sooooo many favourites!

Have you ever heard of Outlaw Star?

When I first started getting heavy into anime like 15 years ago, the first few I ever watched (I had seen Evangelion and Ninja Scroll and Akira and Macross Plus and Aeon Flux and GitS movie and some other random other stuff before then) were Outlaw Star, Trigun, original Hellsing, Vampire Princess Miyu, Excel Saga, SAC 1 & 2, Samurai 7, Trinity Blood, Scryed, and Ping Pong Club, so those ones will always have a very special place in my heart.


My only worry would be that for the rather narrow section of the color spectrum that would be corrected they’d screw up another.

And honestly I dislike surgery as well. After I dislocated my ankle my doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon because the X-ray showed I had bone shards…that had been there for 8 years(youth soccer and a lively childhood)… and were worn to pearls so they weren’t causing damage anymore

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