Overzealous Jobsworth Moderators and Other Short Stories

I feel like we as a community need to acknowledge one of the biggest problems on here, it’s becoming more of an issue recently, and that’s the overzealous nature of certain moderators. Some think they’re doing the right thing, while others stopped caring about that small detail while the USA still had someone with a brain in power, Afghanistan was the oppressed country seen being helped by John Rambo and last but not least, Kevin Spacey had a career.

I will allow you all free rein to speculate as to which moderators are under which sub-heading, but the matter is still at hand. Let’s take one topic that everyone who is irrelevant is talking about: A video game character that is not real is apparently identifying as a mosquito, or something. This information is absolutely irrelevant to anything at all, and the people who feel the need to find it offensive can board the nearest space shuttle and kindly leave the earth.

Then of course, we need to come to the most overzealous of all the moderators… I won’t name him, but suffice to say he can foresee danger. This particular collection of human organs has been spreading his angry, arrogant and misguided faecal matter all around this place for a significant amount of time, and I feel like he thinks he’s above the rules. He needs to be made accountable for his idiotic and sometimes nasty interactions with other forum users. This is the face of Gearbox, allegedly, and while he’s not quite as ghastly as Randy Pitchford, at least Randy isn’t spewing his bile all over these forums on a daily basis.

We need to discuss this, people. Join me!


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Is a thread discussing moderation on the whole worthwhile and does it need to happen here or is -

That enough to get this clipped back to the fl4k thread and off my OT lawn?


Please read the forum rules. They clearly explain what you should do if you have a concern about moderator actions.