OW is already waning, seeing more low levels in BB on PC

So it seems the OW hype is dying, people are realizing that while a fun and well made game, it suffers from burnout very easily and is only good in small doses. When it launched I had like 10-15 people on my list playing it, now I rarely seen more than 3-4.

On the flipside, I have noticed a large influx of low CR players in my queues. This is great news, let’s encourage them to keep playing(I have to try and not rage at them in PvP sometimes admittedly heh, but we were all noobs at some point).


Your ELO is dropping… you’re getting worse at the game, sorry, bro :frowning:

(JK BTW for all those that can’t identify jokes)

I try to do the same thing I do with them in Smite, when they clearly don’t know what they’re doing, I send them a polite message explaining what their character should be doing, or if they’ve missed a Helix that they really need… or I just invite them to the party and give them tips.


Of course it drops, I get the lowbies who are still new to the game, I can’t carry it. The cycle continues but whatever, more players is better. Ranked will come eventually and I can start fresh heh. It was a joke yes but some truth there haha.

I didn’t say OW was dead or not more popular, I said its waning and it is. Friends list do not lie. I have over 80 people on my BNET list and it went from 15-20 of them at one time playing OW to 3-4 tops. I’m sure OW still has PLENTY of players but people have already started playing it less.

And there ARE more new players on BB. Anytime I queue for story mode now I see nothing but CR 5-15 now after the sale. Definitely new players.

Also, this isn’t primetime for any US regions, so the population isn’t really going to be big. BB sold the best in USA, sadly for EU players.

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Thing is what you’re saying is anecdotal just on your social circle. Looking at the steam stats it doesn’t seem to be particularly growing:


Yeah, new people are coming in every so often and it’s good (I actually noticed a couple of my Steam friends buy it while it was on sale last week) but it doesn’t seem to offset the people that are leaving. I do hope something changes soon as the decline is happening regardless of what we’re telling ourselves but I really like the game and would want nothing more than for it to actually succeed.


Fun fact Battleborn is 20 dollars off for gold members on xbox this week too lol


Battleborn is also the Deal of the Week on the PlayStation Store (at least in the UK anyway), with £23 off the Digital Deluxe Edition and £20 off the Standard Edition.

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So bitter.

Shame that OW isn’t on Steam, I can almost guarantee numbers have declined since release.

Oh, I’m sure it has… it’s been billed and hyped as the next big triple A shooter… while delivering nothing more than two “practically the same thing” multiplayer game-modes that last an average of 10 minutes at a time…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun… kind of like the way playing Angry Birds on my phone while I’m waiting for the doctor is fun.


Same in Germany. The Digital deluxe had a whooping price drop to 49,99€. Standard is down to 39,99€. At least in the PS Store. I’m sure it’s the same on Xbox tho.
Ugh. I’m so tempted to finally buy the game but I still have no money… And no time! Damn university.


Real talk:

If overwatch drops its price, id love to play it. I’m setting the bar at 30$, a price I never paid for Smite.


I think the main reason we’re seeing low levels on PC is due to the 40% sale it had on steam. In fact, Battleborn had its first positive growth in players playing in the past two week due to it. I don’t think it has to do with its marketing or reviews seeing that Battleborn is mixed on Steam.
Source: https://steamdb.info/app/394230/graphs/

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OW is waning from a greatplayerbase (as would be expected) whereas in general BB has been waning from a lower playerbase.

Ow can wane slightly and still do well, BB not so much.


I honestly think that Battleborn has better sustainability in the long run than a lot of games, so that’s fine. I’m not going to say anything about that other game, but what I will say is that too much hype can be harmful and will lead to disappointment.

The thing about Battleborn is that it wasn’t really hyped. They made a bunch of fun videos, but they weren’t pushing the hype button like Blizzard. It was, as I’ve described it before, more ‘look at this neat thing what we made’ than any kind of actual marketing. And that might work for the long game.

I can see people still talking about Battleborn five years from now, much like with the original Borderlands. And that other game is going to result in a lot of people viewing it as a bad habit they had to drop because the got addicted, drawn into the hype, and they’re a bit ashamed by that. Similar to what happens with WoW players all the time.

I actually think pushing the hype button too hard is going to harm games more and more as time goes on. Battleborn won’t be the huge success of a certain other game because they didn’t bother with marketing that tap dances on the edge of one’s will. But it will be remembered so much more fondly.

S’what I think, anyway. It’ll be like every niche classic. Even if Battleborn doesn’t last that long, I can see server emulators happening and people playing it regardless.

Because it’s fun.

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[quote=“kypt07, post:6, topic:1490097, full:true”]
Thing is what you’re saying is anecdotal[/quote]

No, it’s just a small sample size.

I hope you are right but I check the same time every day on player numbers and they are declining every 2 weeks or so.

Hate to see it.

I bet the population in OW has dropped a lot. It’s a bare bones game, after an hour or two you get bored. Even on Twitch streams of Overwatch has dropped. People are tired of it.

Battleborn and Overwatch are both the types of games where you have to be in a certain mood to play one or the other and I know this because it happens to me a lot. It’s impossible to say the population has dropped without numbers per say but it’s also impossible to claim it hasn’t dropped. It’s a back and forth battle but one thing I do know however is that while Overwatch has shorter “bare bone” matches it also supplies a more enjoyable game experience for those who don’t have a lot of friends to play with compared to Battleborn where friends are more needed in the sense of teamwork.

I find myself playing Overwatch more slowly and slowly because I don’t have many friends to group up with and with Overwatch they do a great job of closing in their maps into small segments everyone will be fighting in making teamwork a hard thing to not accomplish even if you don’t have a party and a mic at the ready.

While this is a bad place to say it I do believe you are not giving Overwatch enough credit for what it does do well.

I don’t think Overwatch is that amazing of a game at the moment. I think the Blizzard fan boys have gone nuts with the praise. Angry Joe just did a review of OW and pointed out it’s flaws. He gave it a 7/10. His comments were full of posts where people were hating on him and saying how they are unsubbing.

Everyone is giving Overwatch 10/10. Ignoring the lack of story, the repetitive gameplay. None of OW story is in the game. When Destiny put most of it’s story on Bungie website people were raising hell. So saying Overwatch is getting more praise than it deserved, isn’t a stretch.

As a solo gamer, OW will soon get to the point that without a skilled team of friends you’re gonna get stomped over and over. Being a skilled solo player isn’t enough to carry a team in Overwatch, like in TF2.