Own campaing not updating after co-op

I’ve been playing with some friends joining their campaings, but I tried playing solo for the first time with the same character I’ve been using with them and it just at the very beginning with absolutely 0 progress in anything, no maps discovered and I’m even using a head I supposedly don’t even have. I’m a level 14 Moze. I kinda recall BL2 having some sort of automatic fixup for this that after you complete the tutorial you’d be back at what you had in you friends campaign but I’m not really sure? I don’t want to continue progressing solo in case I mess something up even more though.

Okay, apparently after you reanimate claptrap and talk to lillith you’re given the option to skip the missions you’ve already completed, however the game still thinks I’m still at the “first grenade” thing quest and the skag hot dog one. This seems extremely messy to be honest