Owners of the Original Retail release

Just putting this out there for anyone who owns the original retail release of BulletStorm.
You can register the Key on Origin for easy digital download and installation.

Just, be aware, the game still uses GFWL and will still attempt to connect to GFWL. And, it will attempt to download an update. It can not download this update properly through Windows LIVE anymore, since MS have shut down the service.

But, you can download the update and install it manually.

Just putting it out there for anyone, like myself, who bought the original at release and still has the case sitting around. :slight_smile:

I’m really hyped for this re-release. To have a proper STEAM release version is fantastic, and with updated visuals is an even bigger bonus. As the original release looked amazing.
Bring on April.

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I have the original, but Origin? :acmbarf:

Wait… do I register it on an Origin website and get a Steam key? :blconfused:

It’s an EA published product, so you cannot get a STEAM key for it. Unless you rebuy it directly on STEAM.

And, there’s nothing wrong with Origin.
It’s come a long ways since it was first released. And, offers a better refund policy, better customer support and faster downloads.
Really, it’s a bit sad that Origin has surpassed STEAM in a few key areas.

[quote=“Damien_Azreal, post:3, topic:1551763”]Unless you rebuy it directly on STEAM.[/quote]That’s what I did. I don’t imagine there are many people with both a retail box and a Steam key to make it worth doing this for Steam owners.

Still has the GFWL issues. So, keep that in mind.
But, whatever works best for you.

I personally have zero issues with Origin. When it first released, yeah, it had problems and I wasn’t a fan.
But, EA have made a ton of improvements to it since then and it’s right up there with STEAM in a lot of ways.
I normally have STEAM and Origin running in the background all the time.