Owning more than one copy on one pc do both work?

Hiyas, I would like to purchase another copy of B3 on one pc mostly for lack of bank space and different VH builds but with both being on one pc would that cause massive issues or would they overwrite each other etc :slight_smile:

The game appears to write the save game files to C:\Users\Adabiviak\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3 by default.

In theory, different Windows users would spin up their own set of save game files (C:\Users\Ymasumac\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3, for example, on the same hardware).

If you buy a second copy… do you log in to Epic as the same user? If so, it seems like (despite Windows otherwise not touching your save game files), Epic would just say, “it’s already installed”, and not spin up a second copy.

Are you looking to run both instances at once (so you can shuttle gear between character sets for example)? That may make a difference here, but it seems like (to someone who’s never done this before), Epic would be the bigger hurdle.

Thanks for the reply mate and yes I would think I would have to get a new Epic account either way but I was just going to use the in game mail system to add more banks space and maybe some new VHs. I wouldn’t be running two instances of B3 at the same time-quite the conundrum. I know I can just make new Vhs in this game but having to level them each time to get to sanctuary is really tedious :thinking:

Im not sure having a seccond copy would be the way to go; may be easier to sign into the pc on a seperate profile as each would get their own folders for saves; would most likely need to have another epic account, but having a seccond installation seems to be a bit excessive (can use mail system to move items between them too)


Another choice is to make a complete backup of all original saves (in this case 2 or more for personal assurance :wink: ) - move from original folder and start a new game. After this you can swap the saves in and out depending which virtual profile you want to use.

Set up like this; you wont have to use a seperate profile on pc (or creeate a new game tbh - each instance would be seperate so you could jist rename characters and use them the same way); and not have to create a seccond epic account

(Sorry gearbox for suggesting to not buy a seccond copy :shushing_face: )

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Cheers, saving and copying files is above my pay grade so I might just make some new VHs and call them AR-SMG-SHOTGUN etc. I can usually get to Sanctuary in one session then max out their backpack space via buying expensive items then put them in the bank so the new guys can get and sell them to afford bank space. What would be easier if the game had the unified storage like the pre sequel and b2.

Understandable; as you’d have to remember whats going on where

  • but i highly reccomend having your own backups incase anything happens; dont want to come back to the forums saying “save got corrupted - everythings gone!!1!” When its really this simple to prevent 95% of lost games (can have cloud saves too but i like extra protection)

  • i really wish we could do some of the things pc players can on console :disappointed_relieved:
    To clarify -

Would be 100% easier if we could redownload our characters as new - just like we could in bl2/tps (atleast on console due to the cross save feature)

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M backup device grabs windows snapshots every 3 days so its ok but yea scary corruption of anything :wink:

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Having separate Epic accounts is the easy way to have 2 games. I dunno Epic’s view on 2 accounts for the same person, though.

My wife plays, so I can just use her game for extra bank space and VH backups and such. Also an easy way to get a weapon to a VH when I don’t want to slog them back to the bank on Sanctuary III … just get one of her chars to join my game and bring me the item.

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Using different Windows profiles should have the same effect as two separate copies of the game but you don’t have to pay twice. The savegames and their folders are created by the game, not the Epic launcher. The game uses the current user folder automatically so there should also be no need for a second Epic account. Take this with a grain of salt since I’ve only used this method in some other games, not BL3. It’s worth a try.

You don’t have to. Here are a few steps to get basically unlimited mules withing second:

  1. Get a single VH to Sanctuary (any character works, even the one you’re currently playing)
  2. go to the save folder and make a backup of your saves in C:\Users[YourWindowsUserName]\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames[RandomNumber]\
  3. then copy one of the saves, check the “Date modified” column to determine the save you last used
  4. give it a new name (a hex value between 0 to 9 and A to F per digit)
  5. start the game
  6. there should now be two identical characters in the character selection, the lower of the two should be the new copied one, select it and start the game
  7. clear the inventory
  8. give the character a unique name on the respec station so you can identify it more easily in the character selection
  9. quit the game again
  10. copy the new save as many times as you want new mules and change their file name as well
  11. transfer your items via bank
  12. done.
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Great help guys thank you :smiley:

I have been trying it but the copied save keeps coming up corrupted, as an older gamer my brain has probably been fried for too much time in front of monitors :wink: could you please explain with a sample the whole hex value part as I think this is the problem.

Possibly create a new character and use the filename from that for the copy?

good idea

Let’s assume you’ve created 4 characters thus far, one of each class. Amara was your first character, then FL4K, Moze and last Zane. Then you should find four character save files in the above mentioned folder, 1.sav, 2.sav, 3.sav, 4.sav plus the global profile.sav. Amara is in the 1.sav since you created her first while Zane is in 4.sav.
Pick one of those saves that already reached Sanctuary. If you don’t recall the order in which you’ve created them simply start the game and load into a game with one of the characters that reached Sanctuary. Save-Quit to the main menu and Alt-Tab out of the game. In the save folder you should now be able to see which save you’ve used a few seconds ago by looking at the “Date modified” column. Mark that file, hit CTRL+C and then CTRL+V to make a copy of it. If you copied the 1.sav the new file should have a suffix, e.g. “1 - Copy.sav”. Rename it to 5 or 6 or 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11, 12, 1A, etc. Don’t forget the “.sav” in case you activated file extensions to be shown.

Then go back to the game and choose the character select again. You should now have to identical characters in there. The lower one should be the new one. To be sure you could use the same method (date modified) as described above to determine the right one. Start the game with it. Clear the inventory and rename the character on the respec station to something like “Mule - X”. Then Quit to the main menu again.
Alt-Tab out of the game, create a new folder and name it “Mule Blueprint”, select the new file, hit CTRL+C and paste it in the new folder. That way you can use that “clean” save to create more mules in the future without having to remember or determine a save again and its inventory is empty so you don’t have to sell that stuff or shuffle it around.

From then on it’s pretty straight forward. In the main save folder copy the new save as many times as you want to have new mules. Remember to rename them as well as described above. If you’ve created 9 additional mules you should end up with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D and E.sav. Your four original characters + 10 mules. You could also choose to start the filenames of the mules with a higher number, so you’ll have your main characters from e.g. 1-F and the mules start with 50-99.
Then go back into the game, select one of your mules, transfer the items you want it to hold and give it an appropriate name, “Mule - SMG” or “Mule - Hyperion”.

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Daft mate I found out what wasn’t working I was using the profile sav and not the numbered ones so using your original post its working perfectly-thanks heaps :smiley:

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