Oxidizer vs systems purge

I’m using a DPS build similar to Crawfish s “ohh nasty” build, and I can’t decide between systems purge or Oxidizer. Is the Oxidizers nova damage comparable to that of the systems purge

Haven’t checked the damage output of each but if you take into account the maelstrom stacks generated with the help of the oxidizer, I would hazard a guess at the oxidizer for damage output.

The oxidizer’s nova is a joke. But the % increase to proc fire damage is not. So if you have a weapon with a high fire rate, just put a few rounds in each enemy and then laugh more maniacally than Claptrap.

But in vacuum you can’t light enemies on fire anyway, so why bother with burn damage?

Well you have two options in that case. If they are a fleshy enemy, you may not get the DOT but you still get bonus damage. Or you can switch to a different weapon.