Pacifier and The Culling?

Does anyone know if “The Pacifier” legendary effect which reads as weaken. And has the visual effect of weaken count towards helping Deande when she chooses the level 7 helix “The Culling” for dealing more damage to weakened foes?

Tried this and it doesn’t work. Only for ability CCs. If you pick culling, it’s great pair with a teammate that does wound a lot like WF or venom CC like Melka, etc.

If you want to tie it up with your own skills, you can choose Silent strike helix and the culling, your own weaken burst dash works well too in combination. You can choose Ires echo too but the -25% cool down for holotwin is too good to pass up in my opinion.

I only choose culling when I have a lot of CC people on the team and mix it with silent strike. If there isn’t any of that I just go with the 18% extra damage.

What are you talking about? Those two options are on different levels.

The Culling only works against weakened foes. Weakened is a debuff that causes enemies to deal less damage, but The Culling only works against foes specifically Weakened by her Burst Dash.


I recognized that but didn’t feel like I had to rush to change. Regardless of what level it is, ires echo goes well with the culling and silent strike. Knowing what helix choice is irrelevant to OPs main question. You really had to send a message like that instead of kindly correcting it? Seriously…

@epicender584. Culling works for all debuffs, venom, slow, deande’s weakened ect. You can try it if you like. After reading on the forums that it worked I tested it out myself and I got more damage unless I slipped up somehow. Anyone else can jump in and confirm it.

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Guess you are right, may have messed up before but just tried it again and didn’t get any damage difference until I did burst dash. Guess what I read may have been wrong after all.

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