Packet Loss and

I’m getting high latency and packet loss in Battleborn and ONLY Battleborn, i check the network settings and i always have 6-80% packet loss and 700+ latency. And i’m still getting the occassional disconnects, have Gearbox even said that they are fixing these issues? The sooner the better because I think people may go over to overwatch which seems to have near flawless netcode.

Did you file a bug report with the official support site? There have been ongoing issues with connection issues across all platforms, but I’m not sure how aware the devs are of this. @Jythri or @JoeKGBX - is this something you’re aware of?

Yes, a support ticket to help us get some documentation on your specific case would be very helpful. Also curious as to what region you’re in.

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Not sure if you’ve been keeping track, Joe, but I’m still seeing multiple reports of problems connecting to the game servers on all platforms, along with rubber-banding while playing solo story mission and random disconnects (not self-initiated). And there are still reports coming in of folks unable to connect to friends in Handsome Collection on PS4 and XB1. IIRC @LunaticOne has run into that as well.

One suggestion has been to restart the game completely, which I’ve seen cited for both Battleborn and HC connection issues, which makes me wonder if there isn’t a memory leak in the net code. (Well, either that, or the usual internet hazards of DDoS attacks, traffic spikes, ISP or transit provider throttling, … )

Anyway, if you think it would be helpful, I don’t mind prompting folks when I see these things to file official reports including date/time/location info - just let me know.

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Yes , happened again last night around 11:30pm EST. farming level 72 Pyro Pete for a Random in my game. He was able to join 3 times then after that it would keep timing out on him. we closed ours games , restarted and it worked for the next few times till he had enough equip. to start UVHM.

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