Paid $75.00 for a game that wont start

Number one my rig

2 msi gtx 970 oc
i74790k processor
32 gb ram
motherboard z97s sli edition

so my computer can deff handle this game… Whenever i try to start it up i get a big fatal error message and windows closes the game… Cant find any solution on the internet seems like noone else has had this problem… Havent heard anything back from gearbox support hopeing someone might know whats going on and give some advice.

this is the message i get.

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I had the same during the beta, but the early access build and full release are fine for me, oddly. Submit a support ticket here:

i have noone has gotten back to me thats why i put this up so i could get some advice from people

ok i got this we can put this at resolved… apparently for people who use multiple hard drives like i do i was just trying to d/l the game to my g drive with the most space but i figured maybe i had to go to my drive where the steam folder was and download it there and it worked.

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Hey @mookypants17.

If you change your thread title to what was original wrong, it may help people who are searching for this issue in the future.

Thanks for keeping us updated by the way! This kind of feedback helps people with the same issue in the future.