Pain and Terror Crouch Bug

Last night I was fighting pain and terror on TVHM and noticed that the “Mega-Blender” (the big saw blade that you have to either duck under or jump over) would hit me even when I ducked. I noticed that I had the type of shield equipped that projects a front facing shield when crouched, so I theorized that this was causing the bug. Sure enough, when I unequipped it, I was able to duck the blade unharmed. Has anyone else noticed this?
Please Fix!!


Oh my god. I just switched to a different shield and instantly beat the guy. That crouching bug made me die so many times. I was getting frustrated because I kept seeing guides say “just crouch!” but I was still being killed by it. And since he killed his minions doing it, I had no out but to die.

Seriously thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea how to fix the bug and i died so many times before finding this. After i switched shields i beat it the next try.