Pain and terror loot drops are supposed to be increased!?!?

I call B.S.
I’ve been farming the agonizer 900, once a minute, for the last few hours. I have got one class mod to drop in mayhem 3.
Might as well farm graveward. He has the same probability of dropping a legendary com as I have seen today. But he’ll drop more stuff too.

They can up the chance 1% and it would be increased loot drop chance. Its also possible to not get the thing you want after 1000 kills when it has a 99% drop rate. In the end you still have to deal with RNGesus.

I killed Mouthpiece a number of times earlier. No Gatling gun. Lots of other legendaries though. Always atleast 1 per kill at the most 4. This was on TVHM Mayhem 3 online mode. I don’t care to use known exploits.

I’m familiar with rngesus. We’re actually friends. He made me his kids godparent.
This is not his work.

Follow up. Graveward dropped two class mods and a few other legendarys in a few runs. Not a few hours.

i killed him 32 times the other night and got 5 legendaries none of which were class mods.

Yeah… No point participating in the boss loot week… It’s just not worth it. Just do Graveyard. Way better drop rate. I mean, essentially just having all mods having an increased drop rate is stupid anyway. There are four different classes each with four to five subclasses all of which have different stats… They might as well say all legendary pistols have an increased drop rate from so and so. It was just a DB idea that was poorly executed.

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