Pain and terror

After defeating the agonizer 9000, pain and terror fall into the arena, powerless, whereupon the player walks over and executes them both.
Anyone else kinda weirded out by this moment? It certainly doesn’t help that I’m familiar with the real characters they are based on as I blow their heads off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying that my feely-feelies got hurt or that I’m oFfEnDeD, but it’s a bit like when James Bond kicked the car into the cliff with the helpless baddie in it - it was kinda jarring in tone (Roger Moore himself didn’t want to do it).

So yeah, I was wondering what you guys’ thoughts are. Was anyone else put off a little by having to shoot a helpless, cowering Teller Terror in the head in cold blood, while his lifelong friend watches, before meeting the same merciless execution?


thry should of blew up with the 9000 but im sure they were imformed of their deaths and loved the idea


I also thought it was a bit detached from the tone to the rest of the games combat.
Usually, we’re the ones on the ropes fighting to survive against tyrannical sadists.
Not that I mind, I’ll always take an opportunity to blow someone’s face off execution style, but it certainly was the most brutal dispatching of an opponent in the game. I don’t know why they don’t fight back like piston does after we destroyed his robot dinosaur.




Not used to shooting whimpering enemies but it’s kill or be killed on Pandora.
I’m pretty sure the actor allusion is what makes it uncomfortable.

I like the guys so I wanted to leave them, but I think the AI glitched or something and Teller/Terror landed in an awkward position. Facedown, but his legs were bent backwards so his heels dangled over the back of his head. It was grotesque, I had to mortar blast him out of his misery.

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I’ve been wandering over six planets shooting men, midgets, and everything else in the face, crotch, and knees for no reason greater than, “they’s over yonder that way”, and all of a sudden I grow a conscience over making my bullets face-dance on a couple of ECHOnet personalities who built their viewership up murdering brainwashed Calypso followers in new and interesting ways just because I managed to blow their homicide-honda out from under them first?

F*@# no.

I back up my save. I shoot them in the face. I reload afterwards. Just so I can do it twice.


I know man, it’s weird, but I can’t help feeling strange about it. It’s a pretty dumb action trope: The good guy has the baddie at his mercy, but doesn’t kill him, because he’s “better than that” - but then the dastardly bad guy goes for a gun, and the goodie shoots him in the face. It’s self-defence, so it’s OK now.
Dumb, but they keep doing it, and sometimes I can see why.

I just finished this mission lastnight. How many more story missions are remaining after this?

I really liked that mission. Throughout the whole i was thinking, „this has to be Penn Gilette whos voiceacting Pain, i have to look that up once i‘m dine here“. Needless to say, i didn‘t have to look it up.

There’s 23 chapters in the game. This is chapter 17.

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I found it to be great fun…I like how they blew into little bits and instead of guts splattering all over the place it was loot…Sweet Sweet Loot

Just moments prior they had a giant evil robot doing everything it could to mutilate, dismember and cook me. It would seem there where also others before me that didn’t fare so well. I don’t feel, even a little bit, taking them out. Nope. I also fire a couple rockets into the audience and giggle as they disintegrate into red mush.

I’ve been a Penn and Teller fan for many years. I was actually pretty stoked to see them in the game, but I have no reservations in regards to blowing their heads off.

The James Bond villain I mentioned tries to run him over with a car, kills the woman he’s protecting, and later tries to shoot him, blow him up, and and run over him again. His killing is still noted as James Bond’s most uncharacteristically merciless moment (well, before the Daniel Craig era. But the Daniel Craig movies had the tone to go with it throughout the entire film).

Yeah, I expected to battle them after finishing the Agonizer. Is that really Penn Jillette’s voice? Sure sounds like him.

i loved this section of the game, the whole time you walk through carnivora, you hear them murdering people left right and center, and sure they are more announcers, but it made me wanna murder them even more.

obviously penn and tellar loved this as it was a play on who they are in real life.

I do think it was a tiny bit jarring in the context of the game. I remember experiencing that feeling when I did it but it was short lived and didn’t really bother me.

I find quoting Ezekiel 25:17 before I execute them makes me feel good about it