Pain is Power questions

  1. If I have taken this skill to 5/5, should I still be aiming for critical hit points?

  2. Is this skill worth it in general?

  1. No, especially if you’re on fire.
  2. Only for gun builds. Melee-centric ones would be best skipping it.

I asked the same question awhile back, BL2, and this is the discussion that followed.

I too find PiP pretty so-so actually.

Its effect on sustained overall DPS is good for gun builds, especially considering many of Krieg’s top guns are not meant for stability or continuous criticals but for spraying and unless you are a big fan of the pimpernel you probably won’t find yourself sniping much with Krieg anyway.

For melee builds on the other hand PiP is a lack luster and 5 points are much better invested in many other skills. Firstly it doesn’t change the axe swings required to kill all that often, and secondly, on big targets that require lots of chopping you should be aiming that axe for the critical spot wherever you can.

You will still do more damage on crit than a body shot at 5/5 PiP. Tables are turned at 7/5 where body shots will do more than crit.

Really this is a skill optimized for weapons that don’t crit (e.g. Slow Hand), weapons with splash (e.g., Omen, Blockhead, Hornet, Plasma Casters), or weapons that fire multiple pellets and have spread where the likelihood of body shots is greater than crits.

My experience is that it is worth it unless you rely exclusively on crits or use weapons that don’t meet the criteria above.

Does this include whilst on fire? 5/5 PiP whilst on fire still makes crits ok?

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Yes that includes the on fire bonus. Crits are fine, just don’t rely on them exclusively.

I’m just really struggling with where to put my last few points.

Well what’s your build and gear?

Max Blood filled guns
Max Taste of Blood
Max Blood Bath
Buzz Axe bombardier
Max Fuel the blood
Max boiling blood
(27 pts)

Max empty the rage
Max Feed the meat
Max Strip the flesh
Max Salt the wound
Max Silence the voices
Release the Beast
(26 pts)

I can’t see anything else I want or would be useful to put the rest of my points into.

I use a slag rapier, dpuh, love thumper, magic missile x4, vit relic and Rage Sickle (placeholder til i get Legendary Sickle)

What shall I do with the rest of my points?

Embrace the Pain would be a really good choice. I also favor Blood Twitch for slag and swap tactics.

Thanks, is there anything in Hellborn worth using at all? Like how would I set myself on fire to get bonuses if I am mostly bxr with the rest of my points?

I prefer Hellborn-Mania hybrid build with Power Toast, Rough Rider, Blood of the Ancients, Omens, Slagga, Slow Hands, Hellfire, and Hornet.

Hellborn is just like Bloodlust and Mania. If you’re going to invest in it, go all the way.