Pain & Terror bugged/wrong Droprates?

Hey, I was farming Pain & Terror in TVHM mayhem 3 and noticed that this Boss has a very low chance in dropping legendaries. I got 1 legendary every 10th run. Compared to almost any other boss this is nothing.

Pain & Terror is one of the more “complex” bosses in BL3, so I suspect that some numbers are incorrect regarding dropchances.

Certain builds kill him in no time at all but if you’re looking for class mods there are better bosses

I know, which is why I used “” for the term “complex”. And I’m aware that class drops are much more regular for bosses like Grave & Traunt (I can get a legendary class mod from Traunt every 3rd to 5th run).
Was simply a little bored and tried some different bosses.
Besides legendary class mods, Pain & Terror dropped almost no legendaries at all,
which is why I made this post.

if gearbox is tired of everyone farming Graveward, maybe they could look at droprates from other Bosses, especially when they appear to be so underwhelming.

I killed Pain & Terror ~ 30 times, I don’t think this is just an RNG issue.