Painting a target on me I bet but I need to ask

I’m not saying this as a WHOLE I know a lot aren’t… but from a lot I’ve seen a lot of Battleborn fans seem whiny.

And it all starts with the whole Overwatch VS Battleborn topic. First off their both very different games so I won’t say which one is better. I’m an Overwatch player but I bought Battleborn first, my reasons for not playing a whole lot is just cause it was dull and I hated how long the matchmaking was. Characters were very interesting but not enough to catch my attention cause it all comes down to gameplay to keep me playing.

Now that I explained myself, I’ll admit on the Overwatch forums/reddit their are arrogant posters out there, ones who say this beats all other multiplayer games out there. There are ones who just don’t care about the whole thing and just want to play the game, have fun and alot can’t wait for competitive mode to be released. Than when I come on here, it’s just a lot of bashing on Overwatch, calling it casualwatch or much worse names. Perhaps it’s just them getting the spotlight a lot more on here but if not… are Battleborn players whiny? And still trying to win the fight between OW VS BB?

Despite me being an Overwatch player, I still check these forums a whole lot. I mean I love Gearbox and I always hope for the best for them and I love reading posts on here to see if Matchmaking has improved or anything else.

If I’m wrong about the whiny players, than I’m sorry but I just need to ask.

The reason a lot of them seem whiny is because the few whiny users have more people telling them to shut up, which results in them seeming more popular, and so we see them the most.

There is no fight, that’s the media writing reviews and comparing them, and people read these and get freaked out. (Which is weird, because Overwatch is more competition for tf2, Battleborn is really only competing with LoL, and even then, not much)

TL;DR: Everyone seems whiny because the 2% is the loudest. The same can be said of any fanbase.


Alright than, that’s good to hear than. It’s a shame those small few have been really catching my attention, those types really kill a game for me. And even though I’m not playing this game a whole lot, I do enjoy reading a lot of posts of it. See what changed and such.

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xD Yeah, if you take a look, even communities like Undertale and Fnaf are made up of decent people, with a minority of loud and cancerous people.

Doesn’t help that we as humans are trained to emphasize negatives. xD

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I’m either playing the game, managing the [Battleborn] Discord, reading the forums, reading the reddit, watching anime, watching Netflix, eating, sleeping, using the facilities, doing housework, going out for walks with my friend, going shopping, making food, taking showers, et cetera. I don’t have time to whine.

Seriously though usually the Gearbox forums are pretty chill. But every time Gearbox releases a new game we get a lot of new posters who don’t understand the way things are done around here. Our moderators do all they can to keep all these newcomers in line. That being said if you’re not breaking the forum rules you are allowed to have a voice here even if that means a lot of whining. I do wish people would be a bit more constructive in their feedback. I’d love it as well if people weren’t panicking over every little thing.

So Overwatch exists. Whatever. I’ll probably be grabbing a copy to play with friends at some point myself if I ever get the money. And if it goes like it usually goes I’ll play it in a blue moon when someone actually asks to play with me. Otherwise I’ll probably be playing Battleborn. Overwatch isn’t a bad game, but it just doesn’t hook me like Battleborn does. That doesn’t mean I need to bash on it.

I know that some people whining on the forums are just doing so for the attention. Others are legitimately scared for the life of this game and want to see it do well and see Overwatch as a threat and so of course are lashing out at it. That just shows how passionate they are about the game. At the same time the lashing out isn’t really helping any. Not in my personal opinion anyway.

In the end we’re not a very cohesive community at the moment. We are quite fragmented and at times at odds with one another. This happens every time Gearbox releases a new game and new people join the forums. It’s always going to be a little chaotic when this happens. New people are slowly going to integrate over time and adjust to how things are done here. Others are just going to leave once they realize they can’t get away with the crap they do on other forums.

For now I’d just chill and let things settle. Don’t worry about it too much.


The only thing I have to say here is that I’d prefer a whiny community over an outright hostile, toxic, and ovelry perverted one.

Did you know that OverWatch is the most searched porn term on the Internet? PornHub said “It has gotten out of hand.” and it got to the point where Blizzard had to step in to start pulling down some of the porn, as it was getting a reputation in the media.

Furthermore, I’ve seen hostile Overwatch fans flood Battleborn communities and just shout down anyone who even just likes this game, as though they were rabid cultists. I’d already fled the Steam community for this reason, and going by what I’ve read I wasn’t the only one. That’s kind of terrible.

Honestly, compared to the above, I’ll take whiny any day. Whiny is fine. Everyone is whiny, it’s comforting! There’s nothing too wrong with that. And like I said, better than organised attacks solely to make the lives of others miserable, or creating/browsing more questionable porn than furries.

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I can’t deny I hate OW with all my soul, and am deeply affected it’s getting so much attention, praise and success ( even if it seriously waned recently ).
I’ve had a deep resentment toward Blizzard since, mostly, they hooked up with Activision, and I started feeling the products they delivered were clearly of lower quality than what they used to be. From WC2 to even WoW up to early Lich King, I admired them and that society even gave me the spark to do what I now do for a living - CGI ( that famous Zerg assault under a fan scene in SC1 !! ).
Mid/late Lich King however, the decline started, and Cataclysm I will always see as the “well-appointed”. Fun Fact, I actually worked for them during Cataclysm launch as a GM / customer service operative, and it… Wasn’t pretty from the inside.

So, yeah, in a way, it’s very personnal. I should as well say this and acknowledge it since I’m aware of it.

As for OW? I have many, many issues. I won’t re-discuss them to length, but the conclusion was that I found the game bad, even during the closed beta, and when they announced the 40€ pricetag, I felt it was a scam. And they even dared adding up a microtransactions shop ! Even if it’s fully cosmectics, and even though it’s been debated at length by people more well-educated than me, I just can’t accept that.

So obviously, ending up with a game I feel over-priced, overhyped, with a despicable MT shop, and almost zero creation ( and I could dissert at length about the art direction too! ), but with, and I will give it that, multiple layers of polish, getting more attention, love, and ultimately money and players, than a funny, trashy, cheek-in-tongue game with multiple gamemodes, more depth, and more overall ambition and ideas in the game design… Well, that makes me angry and sad.

As I said, it’s personnal, but when I was given a closed beta key, I went there with no real expectations, bad or good. All I knew was that it was the leftovers of Titan, after Blizzard had been more or less pushed from the niche the game was meant to occupy by none other than Destiny from their own “allies”. I even felt a bit of sympathy. As far as I’m concerned, disappointment was to be met.

So… to answer OP, yeah, I’m whining about OW. Hopefully, I’m in the minority. But really, it’s more out of a big, long, series of disapointments than because of OW bs BB. The “fight” was lost even before it began, anyway.
So I’m just here, ranting, hoping that, some day, that full immunity Blizzard seems to be getting, pushing even more despicable money-making ideas in the industry ( real money auction house, active shop during a beta, anticipated access to open beta, MT shop in a B2P game ( WoW, now Overwatch ) ), will finally fire back at them, and maybe they will refocus on who they were before all that Activision fiasco.
I just want them to Become Great Again™.

I don’t get whiny until there’s yet (for the billionth time) another BATTLEBORN VS OVERWATCH IS BATTLEBORN DEAD IS OVERWATCH BETTER IS IT THIS IS IT THAT…etc.

Like, if you’re that damn bothered about Overwatch, go and bloody play it.

Rant over.

My biggest problem was when BB came out there were a few users here who used to post negativity every day saying OW was better. One of them admitted to not owning the game (though I expect the others didn’t either) and started crap EVERY single day until OW came out Then they all left. It seems you haven’t been here long enough to remember those people but how annoying the forums were in those weeks was excrutiating.

I rarely post and mostly lurk in for new info every once and a while. I’m also unsure where you’re seeing the negativity besides posts about “is BB dying?” which are so counterproductive I rarely visit those threads.

Insulting other forum users is not tolerated here. And since that’s all the OP does, thread closed.

Please read the forum rules before posting again.