Paladins on Steam :-)

Didnt see anyone else mentioning and was really surprised with the news.
Paladins came to steam and almost doubles Battleborn top player count with more then 20k playing atm.

Really hope gbx manage to pull such a comeback (paladins had dizasterous beta).

BTW just saw numbers
Battleborn is having a bit of a comeback with 580 players (double then average these days) atm.
Good start but long way to go.

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The question really is if the can retain their players.

Because it’s free.

Not only is it free, but it just released. Lots of people are going to try it. I want to see what it looks like in about two weeks. If it’s still strong, then it’s probably going to do alright.

Although the reviews seem to be positive so far, so it might take over.

And… because Hi-Rez cares about the community and because they are gifting a skin that isn’t a ■■■■■■■ recoloring even for us that where playing it in the normal Hi-Rez launcher. Also we can play with our current accounts, even the game uninstall itself from the Hi-Rez launcher if you download it on Steam, the game is fun, you can earn coin for the store just login it with constancy, again the game is fun, the match are fast and even when it wasn’t on Steam you could log in, queue and you got a match under two minutes for the almost twenty I had to wait before the chaos rumble, only to get a surrender really, really fast.

The game is good and is fun… and Hi-Rez, with realism, isn’t trying to compete with Overwatch and doesn’t care to be as popular. It’s like Smite, doesn’t has as much people as Dota 2 or LOL but you can get a match fast and get fun, tons of fun. Also, they want money, but they aren’t trying to brazenly milk the community for every penny in their pockets in exchange for costumization.

Give it a try, is something you can do that other people can’t do with Battleborn.

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Calm down fanboy, i was not pissing on Paladins.

But if there is 20.000+ peoples on it right now, it’s because it’s free, looks decent from the screenshots/videos, it’s free, and it’s new on steam.
Also, it’s free.

I’m pretty sure at least half of the peoples playing it don’t even know what games Hi-Rez did before. And even more don’t know what they did before Smite. So don’t use the “Hi-rez is nice” argument, because a good amount of peoples online right now don’t even know who they are, or even care.
Peoples just saw a free game that look nice and clicked “Play now”.

Oh, no, I’ve played Tribes

I like the game and I like the company but I’m not a fangirl.

I didn’t mention Hi-Rez and how the manage games so people know them, is because how the game is monetized, advertized, how they manage feedback and apply that to the game, I saw in the past how they twisted and turned Smite so the game is really playable and fun and I saw how Paladins evolved since I play it from almost the beginning.

People doesn’t need to know previously a company to feel how they manage and care for the playerbase from playing the games.

Sure the free aspect is something that catch the eye but if you don’t add something to that not even reviews could be good.

@Autumnal Tribes? That is the shooter, right? I didn’t play that but friends I have playing it say is fun. I can only speak from my experience with their current games and how they are managing them now, I can’t speak something I don’t know.

That’s what would make them stay, not try.

What make peoples try it, is because it’s free and it look nice.
What will make them stay, is what you said.

Right now it’s 20.000 peoples because it’s new, but in a month or two it will be 10.000 and it’ll probably stay at this number.

This is more or less about a different game. And certainly not Battleborn News. So moving it to the games and Tech category.

And less snark please