Paleo Xenolinguistics and the ziggurat (possibly spoilers)

If I understand correctly after some brief research. Maybe someone else with more knowledge can add some more important information.

The Ziggurat was a building in ancient Mesopotamia that could have inspired stories of the Tower of Babel. Could this in combination with Phoebe’s comments on Paleo Xenolinguistics, ( I guess a study of combined alien writings?) Send us in the right direction to decipher the thrall writing?

Does anyone see any other connections? I’ll look more into this after work today. Feel free to use this thread to post ideas for translating the thrall writing.

All I know is that Aztanti as reproduced by Phoebe sounds an awful lot like Dory speaking Whale (just a bit higher pitched).

Paleo = ancient

Xeno = alien or foreign

An ancient building on top of an even more ancient building, rebuilt by you-know-who because ego.


Supposedly Ashanti was one of the first languages to be translated for the Bible or something like that? I wonder what that language sounds like when spoken.

Ashanti/Aztanti just a phonetic coincidence?

The Wikipedia entry is talking about which of the languages in modern Ghana was the first to be picked as a target for Bible translation (ie by missionaries). It’s not one of the original Biblical languages (Hebrew and Aramaic, then Greek). I think it’s purely a coincidence in this case. Also, Ghana’s a loooooong way from the Ziggurat!

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No. Mr. “I caused Gulf Wars I AND II because ego” I would not dignify this individual by naming them. I will say that they were not American.

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So I’ve been reading more about creating languages and using grammar to solve potential alien languages In real life. (I was tired on the way to work this morning sorry :confused: )

But anyway the pictures with writing on them and the two different sentence structures could give us some indication of how to decipher the writing.

If we come up with some general rules using the symbols that repeat and their order we can maybe understand what they are saying. Not necessarily thrall letters to English letters but general thrall ideas/symbols to ideas/symbols we understand.

Ziggurat is also used in architecture to refer to any style of building with a recessed/stepped pyramid design element, or to refer to structures (like the Aztanti ruins) that resemble Aztec/Mayan buildings or design elements. It’s also possible that the word “Aztanti” is a portmanteau of Aztec and Ashtanti.

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Good info about Ziggurat. Thanks!

That is a very interesting thought considering the Jabberwocky reference popped up when I googled the definition of portmanteau.

We may have a small breakthrough on the thrall writing as shown in the prologue.
The Deande poster is the only poster unaltered in the first room which we hit before we find out she has betrayed Rendain.
The second time we see this poster it is graffitied and knocked to the ground. (Maybe signaling that the graffiti artist is upset with Deande now which means this phrase not written in admiration but anger).
Caldarius is the only poster on the ground in the first room. This could be important as well.

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