Palling Around Quest

Just wanted to check, I thought this became available once you’d met Clappy and defended him, but I still don’t have it. Can someone shed some light on when I can get it so I can get Stanley a Rough Rider?

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Yes, once you finish Professor “Nakayama, I Presume?” , go back to Hammerlock in the Lodge and he’ll give you the quest. Clap gives you the other quests like Pukey, Urine, etc.

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Hmm, when I went back to Hammerlock he didn’t have that quest available. Maybe the fact i’ve reloaded my game since may have fixed that, i’ll check once i’m done with this A-Hunting We Will Go quest, since i’m already at Ardorton Station, seems a shame to leave now :slight_smile:

Edit: @Jefe I went back after eventually finishing the Ardorton part (forgot how long that part was) and the quest was indeed available. Thanks.