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As a Galilea main, that would make her practically useless and she is known for her crowd control. It seems as though you had a bad experience against a Galilea, but believe me, her descecrate is fair enough. Her damage amplification isnt a lot, but still, she is fine as is IMO

As much as I agree with you (it truly is an absurd skill - all that CC for zero aim) I find it unlikely they will change her despite their promise to re-work her kit.

Despite nerfing Alani and ISIC repeatedly (arguably over nerfing them) Galilea has remained untouched with the exception of an antihero nerf (which was later reverted through an attack damage buff).

The slow is understandable and is in a lot of melee kits but the others could be replaced to increase the effectiveness of the original characteristics of desecrate. For example, replace the pull (Ghalts one trick) for an increased damage amp, the silence for the increased heal/DoT which ever you have picked. The amount of CC she has would be understandable for a disruptor but for a standard brawler it is too much (look at poor kelvin and Attikus with their poor kits haha).

Alas we can argue this for ages but it seems Galilea is destined to remain as the over performing brawler who can hit at absurd ranges with her sword (seriously it’s like she shoots lasers out of it haha :wink:). Bright side is each time you defeat her you are able to taunt it just for overcoming insurmountable odds in your victory :slight_smile:


This is because she was in the past a huge Zelda fan. Why else does it only work when at full health and painted her armor green.:grin:

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I just hate the pull. Cancels skills, and makes a ballsy Gali impossible to punish with a skilled benedict.

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I find it very interesting that the same people who were crying for Alani nerfs aren’t up in arms about Galilea’s desecrate. Gal has better cc than Alani which require no aim even though Alani actually has controller listed under her characteristics and Gal doesn’t. WTF? At level one by choosing the right side helix Gal already has damage aplification, a stun and a wound. That right there should tell you she needs to be reworked.

Are you kidding? A skilled Benedict player mops the floor of a skilled Galilea. Even if Benedict gets stunned (which a skillful player would rarely have it happened against Galilea unless he is distracted) Benedict will escape and return fire to finish Galilea by himself. Benedict is the only OP, Broken character in this game in the hands of an experienced player.


Not from what I’ve seen. She shreds his health pool when she get’s close, and her pull actually pulls benedict out of the sky. Calm down, please.


Not sure if I sounded agitated on my post for you to say “calm down”. Maybe my opinion comes from my friends and my own experience. I main both Benedict and Galilea. Whenever I go against a skilled Benedict as Galilea I stand no chance. Simply put, a good Benedict will not let himself get pulled on 1v1 against Gali. Maybe if he gets stunned first (which is really hard to accomplish against a skillful Benedict). The same goes when I play Benedict. I destroy any skillful Galilea on 1v1. Benedict and Kleese are the 2 main counters to Galilea. Then again Kleese is a main counter to any Malee character if he is attacked close to his rifts. With Benedict I do 20-30+ kills towards skillful players while with Gali the range goes from 5-15 at most. There’s no comparison on which character comes on top on 1v1 between these too.

Galilea needs the slow and the pull…she cannot chase anyone down unless you are slower than her…even Montana is faster than her

Range and Speed is Galileas weakness even with all the CC she has…

Her strength is close range combat… she has to be close for the pull to even work…

At lvl one I believe her sword swings for 31 damage per swipe…im not sure how much desecrate field amplifies it but if you stay out of her range make her waste her desecrate field she should be easy to kill…

Galilea isnt exactly a tank she cant take a lot of damage

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Galilea is actually pretty weak without support. I don’t even see her being used that much in matches these days. I’m amazed that people are still complaining about her.


Does the pull even work? In all the time that I have used Galilea (she is level 15), I have never actually seen something happen that I could say, “That is the pull!” I stopped taking it because it doesn’t seem to do anything.

This is what I’ve been saying for weeks…they’ve nerfed her into near uselessness and people are STILL complaining.

Atm, the only melee character I’d take Galilea before is Kelvin.

Yeah, it works. At least on PS4. It’s not dramatic, like the opponent flying halfway across the lane right into convenient sword-whacking territory, but it’s there.

As for Gal’s balance, games like Battleborn rely on “imbalanced balance.” Fundamentally, it’s rock-paper-scissors, with a cyclical bent based on player tendencies and innovation. A is dominant, B rises as a counter and assumes dominance, C rises as a counter to B and assumes dominance, and then A returns to dominance countering C.

With that in mind, all of the characters are somewhere on a triangular spectrum between the 3 points. Most of the characters that people consider “OP” are the ones that are at the extremes of the spectrum. Galilea is extreme “scissors,” if you consider scissors to be melee combatants. She’s purposefully VERY frightening at what she does, in order to keep the “paper” characters (let’s say those are ranged-heavy guys) from ruling the roost.

Surviving her own counter, “rock” in this instance, is a measure of player skill and to an extent, build ingenuity. So needless to say, if you have a Galilea player who has developed skills to neutralize her weaknesses while still exploiting her considerable strengths, this person will be a terror and the character will be falsely judged as “OP.”

There’s also a tactical angle to consider. Throughout history, combat has been dominated by range and mobility, from Genghis Khan’s horse archers to air superiority and beyond-visual-range engagement of the modern battlefield. It’s why we went from clubs to spears to bows to guns. As such, in a competitive forum, characters who aren’t especially rangy or mobile NEED that little extra oomph.

Obviously, Galilea has an easily-accessible ranged component, so that may seem confounding, but that’s where balancing from outside comes in. Hence the reduction from 5 bolts to 3. They don’t want to take away what Galilea is good at, they want to make her less capable of doing things outside her role. It’s Dangerous to go Alone should be a nice frill, not a definitive ability.

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Dude. She was just buffed

No, not really.

The week before they nerfed Antihero. They basically just moved damage out of her helix into her main kit, and its still an overall nerf between the two, damage-wise (especially since the lasers benefit more from ASPD than damage).

The only reason people are still mentioning it is because the balancing has missed the point every single time. IDTGA and her CC on desecrate are what should’ve been the focus from day one.

Alani, Kelvin and ISIC had their limited CC nerfed (harshly ISICs stun halved so barely an escape and Alanis geyser nerfed 4 separate times on a single skill which had a knock up/stun/damage amp for a total 2.5 seconds).

Antihero would be fine with no IDTGA and if her CC was managed better (or we just add knock up and blind to her desecrate just so she can have every CC).

If she was a brawler she wouldn’t need to rely on CC except maybe a slow on her desecrate and she certainly doesn’t need IDTGA it is counter intuitive to a close range brawler.

We are still waiting on the re-work to her kit but much like the server and connection issues I think both were empty promises from GBX unfortunately.

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They DID nerf desecrate. It used to apply CC as long as you were in it; now it only applies it once, which is silly. You can literally just walk away.

She’s supposed to be reliant on Desecrate…nerfing it makes no sense. they should put it back to where it used to be and completely rework IDTGA.

As it is, Desecrate isn’t all that threatening and Gal is only effective at full health. She’s nigh-useless without a healer.

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Nobody with that much CC and damage is useless. Shes been nerfed maybe 4 times since alpha, they nerfed her speed, her damage, and her control.
Shes still probably got the best stun in the game, its easy, its ranged, and it hurts. Not to mention how easy she is to play. Her swings are fast and very broad, she easily clears lanes and secures kills, solo or in a group setting.
And aaaaaanyone who thinks Alani and ISIC are over nerfed is wrong.


She has crap for damage without IDTGA. Second lowest melee in the game, last I checked. So she has great damage until, idk, a Whiskey Foxtrot fires a single bullet in her direction. Or anyone with any shield pen does anything at all, at which point she tickles like a kitten. Not to mention her stun is incredibly easy to dodge unless she blindsides you.

Against any type of halfway organized or competent team, she’s damn near unusable. I’d take any other melee character whose damage isn’t contingent on being constantly babysat.