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Thats a ■■■■ helix from whiskey. She has a HP regen helix and corruption leeches HP, so if shes in a minion wave she’ll out heal most SP. Even without IDTGA she has two melee damage helix’s, damage amp, and corruption is additional 30~ DPS.
Whiskey doesnt conceptually counter her, but its a lot more than just shield pen. Sticky grenades with napalm are devastating to a slow blocking character.

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Care to give an opinion as to why ISIC and Alani have not been over nerfed?

With the exception of Ambra no one has been hit harder with the nerf hammer then these two.

Recently ISIC had his rotating wards strength halved… Again, the slow removed on overcharged shots and his plasma dash stun halved to the point players recover before you are even out of the animation.

Alani had her geyser nerfed in four separate ways completely changing how it can be used. First the radius was halved, duration halved, damage amplification removed and the damage shared was halved. It went from a trap to set up a kill for your team to a disruption CC. And the icing on the cake was the nerf to osmosis stack generation through the helix changes.

All of this in just the last update so 3 nerfs for ISIC and 5 for Alani just in this case both of these characters have been nerfed several times. The inconsistency in the balancing of this game has just become absurd.

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Galilea was hit harder. She used to be able to SPRINT while attacking, full speed. Crazy huh? And her Desecrate used to re-apply silence constantly.
But ISIC is still a tank with some of the highest ranged DPS in the game thats also an aoe with no reloading and no damage falloff, great mobility and wards that can reflect fully charged railgun shots from toby. Doesnt matter if its a 50hp ward, it will deflect ultimates. He can sit back from an extreme distance wiping out lanes and has multiple escapes. He’s currently the most banned character in 10 man scrims, pretty much a guaranteed ban or first pick.
And alani, ugh. 1500hp burst heals. Every 6~ seconds? Ugh. shes still basically reyna with higher DPS and better wave clear, heals, and cc. Not usually banned, but usually picked more than any other support. The listed duration on geyser was 1 second but it was 2 seconds + 1 second in the air. More of a death sentence than a shadowfire pillar, easier to land too

Gal is one of the characters I play depending on what the team needs. I don’t claim to be an accomplished master of the character, but I generally do pretty well.

In a best case scenario, I stun someone at pretty much point blank range and then beat them down before they can recover–which happens once in a while. The usual case, however, is that I’m at mid range. Then I run up and close the gap, hopefully getting some ranged shots in, then start with the melee. At that point, they recover and start to flee which is when I use the desecrate pull to bring them back and silence them. If all goes well, I finish them off.

Now compare this to characters like Orendi or Thorn that don’t need to stun, or silence, or pull in order to obliterate someone FROM RANGE. It’s not uncommon for me to get melted be by around 2k dmg from one of these characters in under 2 seconds. And I don’t hear a lot of clamoring for them to be nerfed–probably because it takes more skill to play the character at that level of ability. Maybe Gal is simply easier to get results with in the low-to-mid lvl skill range.

But it’s ludicrous to me to keep hearing this laundry list litany about how she has all this cc packed into desecrate. If you miss the stun, none of that really matters. She’s slow and she has this big ass purple sphere that draws your attention to her location. Further nerfing is not only uncalled for, it would turn the character into utter garbage.

The problem is that she has more CC on one skill than other characters have in their entire kits. See the problem there? I have described a basic example of how desecrate could possibly be re-worked above with no attention to numbers or the helix levels each would be at. Not to mention we still are yet to see her kit being re-worked as was promised by Devs months ago hence the frustration.

Hell in the beta she was absurd and she still is.

Her focus should be on fighting enemies in her desecrate field not pulling them into it. Simply because her skill was completely broken before when it re-applied CC continually it does mean it is automatically balanced with that removed. Moving slow up the helix would remove the need for pull or silence to prevent enemies from fleeing.

@dwarfurious ISICs wards do reflect provided they are not destroyed by the shot since the last nerf I’m yet to reflect a single rail gun shot due to this issue. In terms of ranged DPS ISICs would be far lower than Marquis, Toby and Thorns funnily enough that’s all other long range characters. He has one escape in his plasma dash which with the stun reduction is less likely to provide a successful escape as melee characters recover before the end of the animation.

Alanis healing is great sure but the control aspect is the side which has been nerfed. Prior to the update she was suitable to perform both roles controlling the area through setting up kills through CC now her role has been entirely changed. More and more alanis are self healing attempting to hold a side in meltdown as opposed to acting as a team healer.

However, the evidence you have provided is purely anecdotal and circumstantial. It is hard to argue against the sheer number of nerfs Alani and ISIC have received in just the last update.


Actually ISIC’s base DPS is far greater than Thorns, and higher than Marquis’s, its just not hit-scan, but every charge shot is an AoE so their’s that. He has his aegis, backing up with a shield can get you out of a lot of bad situations. As can his reflecting wards, just ward and run. No damage fall-off means he can stay real far back and escape easier, like marquis that camps accelerators. Since he can teleport vertically he can easily escape melees.

@Sukeban There is plenty of thorn nerf clamoring and shes extremely easy to play by design. Orendi at least has virtually no CC and relies entirely on landing pillars, which is difficult to do in any 1v1 situation. Thorn can just drop blight to damage/slow for free, and curse, volley crits can decimate big targets and her ult is stupidly powerful and easy with her mobility. Quick animations on her skills too.

No, I don’t. There’s a problem if that combination of CC on that move causes her to consistently out perform other characters. I don’t see that happening. I don’t see her being used that much lately and I don’t think she’s used in competitive matches because other characters like Boldur and Ghalt do the job better.

And as for the devs reworking her kit: they have reworked a lot of the other characters, buffing some of them considerably. My guess is that, in relation to how strong some of the other characters are they don’t see a need to substantially change Gal. I certainly don’t.

Just…because? The pull gives her some degree of utility to set her apart from other characters. I use it a lot to pull snipers off the ledge in Overgrowth. Take it away and you make the character less viable and more generic.


+1 to your post Sukeban. Seriously, anyone having problem with Gali simply needs to become a better player. Any mobile character gives Gallilea problem. She is slow. All non-Malee characters can escape and evade Galilea’s cc easily, specially her stun and pull.

Normally I find those that complain are players that stand at one spot, don’t run or avoid her cc and those that don’t pay attention to the mini map radar. Ultimately, those are the same players that get destroyed even by my combat Miko. Case and point last night I went against a pre-made team of level 100’s players. At the end of the match, 4 of them texted me similar messages like “you are a scrub for playing an easy overpowered character” I ignored the messages. Ironically, I faced them again on the next match but this time I picked Miko: the end result? My Miko went 23-0.

So now she can be crazy right from the start. Great.

If by crazy you mean “crazy low damage”, sure.

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The slow that is applied on desecrate is easy to get out of on top of that the radius of desecrate is really negligible so unless I’m on top of the character I want to kill I will have a tough time with only a slow.

The pull allows you to bring a retreating battleborn into your area of “control” which is what the character is suppose to do as a territorial battleborn. It makes the slow much more efficient. Say I just used the slow instead the retreating character would have 2-3 seconds of slow then gtfo and laugh at gali because she is slow herself and can’t chase very well.

I don’t think anything on her as of right now is broken beyond belief. Hell now I don’t even choose Galilea because I know that without my very own dedicated support I’m just a crutch unless I port to base often or find a supply station.

Be aware of where she is which is easy since she is literally the only character who reveals herself with a giant purple aura. Be mobile which is already the best way to counter her. If you just head rush in that makes it easy for her to kill you. And don’t run in a straight line away from her unless you want to be stunned easily. Honestly to everyone having a fit over her stop. She is too easy to counter and isn’t the powerhouse presence she was at launch. I don’t see gali very often and when I do I just know she is easy pickings for me unless they have a miko on their team.

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She just got buffed. She has too much damage for how much cc she has

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They reduced the damage on her rank 7 and increased her base damage. Since a chunk of her damage depends on the lasers, which scale with ASPD, its a slight buff to her early game and a nerf late game.

Do you want her to actually have the lowest damage? That’s literally the only place she could go.

Her CC is easy to avoid, escapeable, and she has to be close to use it while being EXTREMELY visible. Her damage is health dependent and immediately halves upon anyone fighting back.

Gally is weak. She’s almost the worst melee in the game (saved only by the state of Kelvin atm.)

You people sure love to find any and every single thing to bitch about. Even if it means whining about a character who has been nerfed into being nearly unviable against half-decent players (you’d know about that if you yourselves were half decent, smh). I’ve been maining Gals since open beta and man, I honestly don’t see the issue. IDTGA is gone practically as soon as you engage an enemy or even come close to someone with shield pen., and desecrate isn’t some circle that’s 50 yards across in diameter and covers the map. Run out of the thing. Oh she pulls you? There’s a super secret, super hidden, very rare move nobody knows about called “quick melee”. Use it and walk out of desecrate. In case none of you crybabies noticed, she is a “territorial” character. Do you know what that means? Let me go ahead and assume you don’t: Galilea fights in her own little space. Sure if you try to run up and 1v1 her you might not have a good time. She’s a defender, a territorial defender. You’re not supposed to be able to plow through her ass like it was nothing. Also inb4 “b-but muh whole team 5v1 her and we still died”, that’s horse ■■■■ and you know it. Hell, 2v1ing her almost always ends in her dying, like it should. I love this game, and I love this community. But sometimes, this crybaby ■■■■ is legit toxic.


Hahaha a giant AoE pull is ‘easy to avoid’? Yeah, sure. Lets just pretend she doesnt have a really easy to land stun to follow up with, then she dances around you doing GOOD damage, so she can then body block you to keep you in her desecrate. And she is picked in competitive. Ambra/Gali is popular


Let you give some advise. The pull has a small range,
Learn how small it is and stay away from it. If you are not a melee character, this is easy to accomplish. In case she pulls you, simply move fast out of her straight line of sight. (For example by jumping to the left) chances are she will miss the stun. When you are running away or getting out of her range (as you should be doing when you are in the zone of a territorial character) don’t run straight, move side to side and even jump. This way you don’t make yourself an easy target for the shield stun.

I don’t consider myself a pro player but I gotta say I am extremely good with Benedict and my 5 other main characters. From my experience, Benedict rockets are much easier to land accurately than Galilea’s shield throw at a distance. Even at close range I tend to miss with Gali stun if the enemy moves fast enough. The exception is of course big characters like Montana.

Finally, this is the most important advise I can give you; Play Galilea in pvp for a extended period of time… Maybe from level 1-15. Make sure you go against skilled, experienced opponents and not just level 100 pre-made amateurs that even combat Miko defeat easily. You will learn all her strengths and weaknesses. Once you do, you will become a better player that knows how to easily counter Gali with any of your main characters,…,specially with those ranged and agile ones.

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As someone who mained Galilea when I first got the game, I have to agree. She’s just not that threatening, not like in the Beta where she could solo a team by herself. Even with the pull, slow, and silence, she’s just not that hard to get away from and if you don’t engage her in her element you don’t have to worry about any of those things. Now if she’s able to get the drop on you and fight you on her terms, then yes she’s an incredibly dangerous opponent. But that’s like complaining about Marquis being OP at range, no duh he’s a sniper.

She’s supposed to be a tank, but she doesn’t have the beefiness of a tank, her shield is small and she doesn’t have any damage reduction to speak of, she doesn’t have a good escape like Issac or Bouldur until level 5, but it’s she moves at the speed of smell while in it and can still be body blocked while in it. She’s like a half tank with a full tank’s damage, in fact Bouldur straight out damages her, so she’s a tank with half the tankiness and half the damage in exchange for a CC she can’t really capitalize on unless she’s at full HP which is fixed by one Oscar Mike bullet. I love Gal, but she’s not the fierce mudhole stomper some people complain about.

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Yeah, Bouldur is my go to tanky melee guy now. He’s pretty much a better Galilea. His shield is twice the size, his damage is higher, his skills are just better, his sustain is better with up to 50% damage reduction, constant healing, his Ult is just so much better it’s not even funny. I mean really, Galilea’s Ult is sad, she barely heals anything, she moves at the speed of smell, she can be pulled out of it, she can still be body blocked while in it, the damage it does is too low to be discouraging, and to top it all off she can be killed while going into it because she spends 3 seconds turning into goop during which she can be damaged. Meanwhile, Bouldurdash can give him a sizable over shield at level 1, moves him out of harms way instantly, can activate rage which increases attack speed and gives him 35% damage reduction, oh and it can stun. One of Bouldur’s primary moves is superior to Gal’s ult in pretty much every way. Oh and he doesn’t throw his damn shield, which he needs to survive if things go sideways, sure he throws his axe, but his fists hit damn hard too and they can slow you and he can get his axe back with his 30 second cooldown ult.

ISIC is still good because rotating Wards still reflects shots if you fully charge it which you should unless you are running away in which that case the nerfs are meant to hinder ISIC’s ability to go “kneh kneh rotating wards you can’t hit me” with an uncharged one and escape easily. ISIC now lost his slow which was excessive (he is already pretty easy to aim with) but gained a free wound which has great utility but not as excessive as the slow. He still has all the stuff that makes him top tier.

Alani is still pretty good because she can still output damage and amazing unrivaled burst heal. They just simply made it so that she needs to seek levels to reach her stride (but isn’t neuteted while leveling) and that her cc isn’t a guaranteed kill (Ghalt is way more of a cancerous character then the two I mentioned and I’ll go over why)

Gailiea’s dps is just under Boldur’s with no steroids or helixes in play. Gailiea was the more bursty and short encounter time counter part (stun>kill with headshot sword blasts with her pull being in there somewhere to help secure the stun or to pull them back after a they leave the cc) to Boldur’s massive sustain and damage. Gailiea as the more problematic one, easier to use and had way to much of an impact as for boldur he was less well used and had some small issues. As the nerfs came in for purple Gal and Boldur got some QoL buffs and better optimized gearing strategies and helix picks and the meta changed Gailiea started falling out of favour and Boldur getting his time in the spotlight… and people realizing how he is just as stupid as Gailiea was. I don’t blame them for being absurd when making melees is pretty hard. Most melee assassins for example you can just quick melee then run away, cc/ slow then kill or get allies to kill or deter them. Only a few really stand out.

  1. I already had non-crybaby @$$ holes tell me why gallilea’a desecrate isn’t op. There are a lot of death sentence combos.

  2. Being toxic to someone you think is toxic doesn’t help anything.

  3. Run out? It slows you. It is practically a death sentence to be pulled off a perch into a team while being slowed and silenced. However, ghalts chain trap also kills everything. So does thorns curse volley and ultimate. Desecrate is fine.