Pandora At 98% But every location on Pandora is 100%

So… any reason why this is as it is?

It says I’m missing one missions and one location, but I just went through everywhere and theres not a single location missing, nor is there a mission missing.

Did you get all the edidan stabs?


The Edidian Slabs? Yeah. I got all of those. The Planet Overview says I’m missing a single location and a single Mission, but none of the areas are missing locations or have any missions.

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Probably a raid or event boss like Felixthecoach said

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Do you have the Slaughter Shaft? Because it is its own location/area with a mission. You can enter it from Konrads Hold.

Yeah; Definitely got the Slaughter Shaft. I had to go there for the story, I’m doing Post-Game stuff now on FL4K

This is very possible; I’ll have to keep a look out.

Most likely it’s not available now. Maybe the textures are hidden in the game files somewhere and will be released later. I know there was a vermi sized varkid in the trailer. Wondering where he is…(?)

Have you completed the 6 Eridian Proving Grounds and the 3 Circle of Slaughters? They count towards 100% Galaxy Completion.

Are you sure you not mistake that for Sandblast Scar because you don’t ever have to go to the Slaughter Shaft in the Story, it’s just one of the Arenas.

Also @ anyone saying a Raid, that’s not it because you can 100% every Planet right now.

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I am mistaking that, Okay, I’m going to go see if that’ll 100% the planet.

That’s what it was, theres the mission here and everything; thank you very much for your help.


No problem, if you also have 98% on Promethea then it’s the same: Cistern of Slaughter. That was what I was missing because the door to access it seems to be bugged sometimes.

You can go in and run around the Circle of Slaughter Arena to clear it without doing the Circle of Slaughter Mission. But the Mission also counts towards that planets 100% Completion.

On my Normal play through, I had both Pandora and Promethea sitting at like 98%. The only thing I had not completed were the Circle of Slaughter Missions, however I had gone in and ran around the arenas to remove the fog of war. Completing those missions finally pushed both planets to 100%, with all zones at 100%.