Pandora Flat...meaning your car explodes

Is there a reason (or do you all have a theory) as to why vehicles in all of the BL games don’t scale for damage or defense/HP?

Playing through TVHM and getting Ellie’s first car…and nearly blew up with one enemy shooting it.

Theories? Suggested fixes?

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The vehicles and our VH’s standard punch only work in normal mode… Which is really weird!

I agree, it is weird!

I mean, either this is really hard to adjust or there is an intentional decision not to adjust it.

I remember driving down General Knoxx’s highway and my vehicle being about 1/100th as sturdy as my VH (but a lot faster).

This isn’t a bl3 complaint…it’s a “why has this always been the case in al BLs”?

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If the cars scale do players use cars and not their build? same question with standard punch… I tried to view it as; threat of exploitation if punch+car scale into True mode.

Its 2 utility tools that become useless after first playthru

Cars almost NEVER are available for bosses/quest zones unless they are car related quest zones (e.g. the Mad Max parody in Torgue for BL2 or the Vaughn escape with in BL3.

Cars are used to get from point A to point B on large maps :wink:

In those large maps you have smaller zones where you can’t take your vehicle.

Like the white/green/blue/purple guns VS legendary vehicles lose meaning outside the early game for no reason whatsoever :pensive:

I think we need to take into account here who made the other games compared to the current team :wink::sweat_smile:

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Drive across Skittermaw with settings- TVH M10, the trip ends up on foot.
The vehicles are very fragile when used for transport, perhaps I dare say unusable outside of the norm.

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Yep… Like the one quest where you need to drive from tannis’ lab through the canyon :sweat_smile:

On higher mayhem I just did it on foot and spawned the vehicle at the last station :joy:


You can still use the cyclones quite well even on M10, it’s just the other cars that get hit way too easily because they are too big and slow.

I only use cyclones, never touched a car outside of imposed quests. With Cyclone no problems, though I generally get off if I want to fight

You can spawn a cyclone and drive that through the map and then spawn Vaughn’s POS at the last vehicle station. Quicker than snowdrift through the whole thing.


Yeah it goes to show that nobody ever actually playtested the game (appart from us, the customer)

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In the Original Borderlands, vehicles would squish living creatures (there was even an achievement for it), which I believe to make a whole lotta sense. In BL2 vehicles got nerfed and you would have a bandit car stop dead after hitting a midget, only to have the midget start shooting you and blow up your vehicle. How does THAT make any sense?

I really wish they brought back vehicle mechanics to where they were in the original Borderlands. I find it takes away from the game immersion when bandits and other bad guys act like full grown deer when you hit them.

Mind you, I also feel strongly that if you are introducing a Mech into the game, then it should also act like an original Borderlands vehicle with regards to living opponents (at least the man-sized ones and smaller). I know that it makes it OP, but let’s be honest for a moment. What soldier is going to willingly use a Mech that falls apart after a few hits from an enemy pistol and can’t slaughter a handful of common bandits before running out of digi-time? It makes no sense. Either make the Mech the equivalent of an actual tank or (if that creates too much of a game imbalance amongst players) don’t fashion it like a Mech, make it more of a suit of Powered Assault armor (think Starship Troopers or Iron Man) or something else.

Anywho, that’s my two cents.

I remember they actually buffed cars at some point, and they were kinda usefull for a short while, but they did something later that negated it completely, but i don’t remember if it was Mayhem 2.0 or something else.

I seem to remember this too, but alas, vehicles are no longer viable transport (minus cyclones some of the time, as others have mentioned).

I don’t want to abuse vehicles; I just want them to be usable at all levels/difficulties.

Pretty sure that’d be Mayhem-scaled weapons on enemies, which should no longer be the case. Might be worth giving them a spin again.

When creating any video game that contains a number of RPG elements determining power as levels increase can be challanging. As numbers increase it technically becomes easier to adjust them but when you add more factors that augment power you can end up with some wildly bloated numbers very quickly. This has been the case since BL2.

The more passive skills, anointments, and class mods that impact damage the higher those numbers can go. This is why BL3s balance is all over the place. We have some damage increases that stack others dimishis due to multiplicative applications.
Vehical health or armor is based off the players health and shields if I remember correctly similar to IB. So the values are fairly flat.

As many of us noticed at launch it was around level 45 that vehical balance fell apart. Vehicals struggled to kill enemies. Guns could easily destroy vehicals and this only got worse with each level and the more so with Mayhem levels. They made adjustments to vehical health via hotfixes which made things better but far from ideal. When level increases started to drop the same problem re emerged. GBX just kind of left it until Bounty of Blood and they adjusted HP and added additional Mayhem scaling. Same story not ideal balance then level cap increases.

Each time they increases the levels HP and shields go up and so dose damage but damage climbs at a higher rate because it is balanced against enemy health pools not vehicle health pools. Armor is alot thicker when your low level without super sorces damage and 2-3 different elements firing off at once.

In my mind the best solution is to reduce all damage guns do to vehicals buy an astronomical amount. Give vehicals damage and armor the same treatment as iron bear with a ton of skill points invested in skills like Stainless Steel Bear and Specialist Bear.

Obviously there is a ton of number work to be done but as of right now if the same “fix” we have seen twice it will be underwhelming for the time being then it will be undone when we eventually get the next level cap increases.

I think the team is aware some drastic changes need to be made but I have the suspicion it is not a priority right now given they just launched new content.


Yeah, they don’t need to be OP by any means, but theyre pretty sad atm. On M6 in a runner with heavy armor and laser blades I rammed a single bandit at full tilt and the car exploded on contact. :cold_sweat: :laughing:

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I’d be happy with scaling the armor on the car and leaving the damage the same. That way you can actually get from point A to B without losing your ride 5 secs in (looking at you DCL2!). In fact there’s one quest that I was only able to complete by turning off Mayhem. Very poorly designed.

And I really hate it when I’m trying to hijack a vehicle to get the new parts and the enemies I kick off it blow it up before I can even get it into gear.


And why is it every passenger in bandit vehicles carries cryo weapons that freeze the car in place the minute you get in?