Pandora red chest access

While you guys at GB are changing, patching, buffing, and nerfing, any chance you could make the red chest in the droughts behind the vending machine accessible after the mission. I didn’t know there was a spot to jump on the trap door till well after I was past that and it drives me nuts I can’t get it. I’ve 100% plus every area on every map and the completionist in me would love that😉!

I thought you just have to make the additional objective “human spine” to open it

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I don’t know when it officially becomes missable but I was going through trying to 100% every area after I finished the story and eventually you can’t do the slam to open the trap door

I went there yesterday, as it happens. The trapdoor should stay open once you’ve completed the mission to fix the fusebox and completed the optional objective to get a human spine. If you’ve done that already the trapdoor should always remain open indefinitely?

the only slam one I can think of isn’t behind a vending machine but on the way to the demoskaggons - are you sure you’re not mixing things up? I think that one does close up again

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there’s only 1 trapdoor you have to slam and it doesn’t lead to any red chest… it’s part of claptrap’s antenna quest…

you either mean the one marcus unlocks after fixing the power or the one where you need to shoot somebody in the butt…

did you get the one on the roof at ellie’s?

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I did. There’s a red chest underground behind the gun vending machine in the droughts on Pandora. It’s when you do one of the first missions powering up the vending machine with the shock skag spine.

Yes, and as a few people have said, you must do the optional objective for this area to open, get a skag spine and a human spine, then go back to the electrical box and try them one at a time.
Then the trap door opens (no slam required) and it stays open for the rest of the game.

But if you do the mission and do NOT do both spines, it will never be open or openable.

So you gotta do it correctly the first time, gather one skag spine and one human spine, then complete.

Nothing for GearBox to do here, the primary and optional objectives are spelled out in the mission log, you just needed to do them.

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I wasn’t aware at the time that it mattered which as far as the red chest goes, I didn’t realize there was a red chest there or that it was contingent on the optional human spine. They could make it a replayable mission or make it where you can switch the skag spine for the human spine. They’ve changed TONS of stuff in this game, from bugs, to progression blockers, gun damage, skill tree numbers, buffed and nerfed guns, changed the difficulty options of the Malians takedown. You honestly trying to tell me there’s nothing they can do to make it where I can 100% the droughts​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

It is a replayable mission. You can play TVHM over, and over, and over…

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yeah, but that is sooooooo boring… redo EVERY single mision because you did something wrong?

that’s why i’ve been asking to reset the DLC and game separately.

after my first playthrough of the main story is was done with it… (still am… currently mopping up side quests on my amara and it gets boring realy fast)

if i ever want to reset my quests i’ll probably just make a copy of my save and reset that… but again… you have to unlock EVERYTHING from scratch…

Yep. Redo every mission, and also get new versions of the quest rewards.

Maybe it’s just my experience, but this kind of thing is what I expect from RPGs. You skipped an optional objective, you missed out on something. You might be surprised to hear how players get screwed in other series. Final Fantasy games have unique gear that’s only available if you steal it from one particular boss. Or chests that completely disappear if you make the mistake of opening a completely different chest.

I’d suggest just keeping this in mind, and not skipping objectives and still expecting all the rewards.

the red chest is tied to completion :wink:

that’s the problem with it… but then again, i have to agree with you that it was stated as an optional quest marker and those give you items (but most of them can be ignored though)

Theoretical completion. Just like RPGs have been since the invention of video games: you skip something, you miss something. If you want a ‘perfect’ save you’re supposed to be careful and take care of things like optional objectives. I pretty much see this as your own fault.
You’d have raged at Final Fantasy XII. They tossed a chest with 2 gil at you in the first ten minutes, and if you opened it you didn’t get the best spear in the game. The chest you’re worried about is just a chest that could have any random item in it, you can still get the same items out of any other chest. You gain no real value from it. I feel like it’s pretty fair. If you’re OCD enough to care about opening every red chest and seeing that 100% on the map, why aren’t you OCD enough to bother with the mission objectives?

Honestly, if you’ve never seen this kind of thing before you should get used to it and plan accordingly in other games.

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