Pandoran Thrift Store - I'm back!

Back from break! I’m still looking for stuff too!!

Decided to start this just to make it easier to trade/update my current wants and needs. I used to have the largest “shop” for BL2 on Xbox, but when I switched over to the PS I, of course, had to start all over. I’ll update pretty often with things that I’m looking for and what I have. I don’t have too much right now, but I’m working on getting more!

I know these items may not be for everyone and I have a lot of lower level (72) stuff, but I know there are people out there that choose not to play OP levels so I figured I’d throw all of this out there so that they could get some things they need too.

I’ve got a ton of other stuff that I can’t remember ATM, I just haven’t added it all in. I’ll work on doing that soon

Current wants:
OP 8 Bekah


OP 8


Everything is OP 8 unless specified

Vengeful Infinity (shock, corrosive, fire, non)
Undending Infinity (non)
DPUH (explosive)
Two Fer Maggie
Trick Shot Maggie
Earnest Logan’s Gun (fire)
Marxmans Gub (corrosive)
Two Fer Unforgiven
DPUH (72)

Prudential Norfleet (shock, fire, slag)
Plenteous Norfleet (shock, corrosive, slag)
Big Badaboom (slag)
Puissant Norfleet - 72 (shock, slag)
dippity Tunguska - 72
derp Tunguska - 72

Social Bitch
Analytical Bitch
Corporate Bitch
Bulets Go Fasterfied Slagga (slag)
Refill Baby Maker
Flying Sand Hawk (fire, shock, corrosive, slag)
Murduring Slagga - 72
Sapping Sand Hawk - 72

Critical Conference Call
Basic Deliverance (slag)
Royal Deliverance - 72 (fire)
Critical Interfacer - 72 (all elements)
Practicable Interfacer - 72 (all elements)
Practicable Butcher - 72 (all elements)
Critical Butcher - 72 (all elements)

Tl’kope Cobra
Operational Pitchfork
Gromky Lyuda (fire)
Dobby Lyuda (shock)
Sublime Storm (shock)

Horse Hammer Buster
Feral Bearcat

The Sham
- 603412, 180541, 1.82, 94%
- 613250, 196789, 1.68, 89%
The Bee - 1007482, 516357, 8.26, +1598068
The Bee (72)
-334214, 212565, 7.42, +591048
-286791, 216640, 6.58, +621290
Antagonist - 20008516, 216454, 1.68, 50%, 820%, 47%

Sticky Longbow Quasar
Lobbed Bonus Package
Sticky Homing Bonus Package (72)
Rubberdized Bonus Package (72)

Legendary Siren (OP7, OP6, OP4)
Legendary Mechromancer (OP7)
Legendary Gunzerker (OP2)
Legendary Binder (72)
Legendary Nurse (72)
Legendary Cat (72) +134% SMG dmg
Legendary Hoarder (72)
Legendary Titan (72)
Legendary Ninja (72)
Legendary Sniper (72)

I have more ancient relics than I can count. If you’re looking for one in specific, let me know and I’d be happy to check

Til Death Do Us Part
Shrapnel Slayer
M0t0cross Marauder
Alkaline Mistress

I’ve got tons and tons of random OP level stuff that I didn’t put on here because people don’t spend much time floating between OP levels. But if you’re ever looking for something at a certain level, I may have it! Just gotta ask.


i don’t have what is looked for but is there anyway i could get the level 72 bee and royal deliverance (fire)?

Sure man! What’s your PSN ID and are you on now?

I am on now, PSN ID is wowser888

What parts are on your murdering slagga? I’m looking for Lvl 72 with bandit grip Dahl stock Maliwan or hyperion sight

It is:

Barrel: Bandit
Grip: Bandit
Stock: Hyperion
Sight: Dahl

Sadly I don’t do op levels but I’d love to have that SMG

Thanks in advance PSN :KelsoHi2

Alright, I’ll be on in a little bit and I’ll send you a message

I definitely appreciate it

I could use a legendary binder and a bone of the ancients. I answered in your other thread about the blurred trickster com, it’s not an ideal one but yours if you want it.


My bad Cap my Internet to a CRAP last night I’ll be on today though

No problem, just holler at me.

Also, I updated some current wants, so if anyone has a Bekah or a blue blurred trickster let me know!

I have Twister, blockade and bekah, all OP 8. I won’t be on till 26th or 27th June. For the class mods I would have to check when I’m back to see if I have the stats you are looking for.

Sounds good my man, just let me know!

I think I have everything you want dog…I will try to get on for a short while tonight to get this to you.

You’re all good man. I feel bad because you’ve already helped me out with everything I’ve needed so far, and you literally have everything so there’s nothing I can give back haha.

Ok, well if you have trouble finding anything like the COMs just let me know.

I could use a legendary binder and a bone of the ancients.

I doubt you’ll need it when I get back, but if you don’t have it by the time I come back from break I can still get them to you!

Updated with a new LF!