Pandora's Next Top Mouthpiece bugged

Same problem like a few other post about the quest… Got the 3 items checked, but the quest won’t progress. Any solution yet? haven’t found one on the forums…

Just to double-check: if you go inside the Holy Broadcast Center, up to the first small room past the entrance (just before the first set of speakers that pound you on the first story mission), you don’t hear a female CoV give instructions and the drop box does not activate?

i just double checked, but no voice or drop point. The rest is also locked behind a gate (check link). On the pic you can also see the boxes checked off.


From memory, the drop box is behind that gate and to the left a bit. Other than filling a bug report via a support ticket, I think the only thing you can do right now is try and find someone about to run the same mission and go through with them. Just need to make sure you do the whole thing in a single session - I get the impression that most of the script breaking events happen when a player decides to deviate and go do something else before resuming the sequence.

For me it happened right after destroying the war pig vehicle. Didn’t even loot anything. The box just checked off, got some Ellie line that was cut off and it bugged out like that.

Thx for the reply and info anyway :slight_smile:

Anyone ever fix this? I have the exact problem in my playthrough of TVHM

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