Pangolin One-Shotter an EPIC HUNT!

Hi people :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am looking for your guidanceto help me find (legitimately I might add) a One Shotter, the fabled triple AMP rolled EPIC Purple Shield from Pangolin. After much searching I have few answers, and more questions for the forum…

(Note I would have uploaded a picture, but this item is so rare I haven’t got one)

(Answer) Given this is a purple rarity item (a shield) it should be most efficiently acquired from Dr Zed’s vending machines - running on M4, and using the Spendopticon in Moxxi’s DLC I can cover x4 ZED’s MED’s machines quickly (Save/Quit), and probably get a look at 10-15 purple shields per load. (vs) Running and gunning the Slaughter houses on M4 where I can only get 3-10 purple shields per completed 5 rounds or say the Takedown and again only get 3-8 purple shields in 10-15 mins

Using the above method over the last 2 days I have seen 3 (yes only three) AMP x2 variants in maybe 400 vending machines - maybe 500 I lose count.

(Question) Is it possible to get a One Shotter from the Vending Machines in the DLC?, or would I be better hitting up those in the original game? I can’t see why it would limit me this way, but anybody out there with proof?
(Question) Does luck play any role (*pun) in the vending machine outcomes? Are you more likely to get Purples vs Whites/Greens if your running with some lucky Guardian points, a Mod, or artifact?
(Question) Does anybody know how many variations there are (the odds therefore) of hitting a one shotter? I’m figuring 10,000/1 at a guess but hoping it’s not 50,000/1.
(Question) I have yet to see any other triple effects on one item, but assume there would be a triple Health, or Absorb, or Reflect that are out there? - Anyone, Bueller, anyone…

Your help, thoughts, amusing comments, are always appreciated.


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All vending machines have the same chance to stock an item, the DLC makes no difference.

Any of the triple mods are very rare I have got a Mimographing Tracker grenade that has Homing, Divider x3 so splits into 4 grenades. This is the only triple effect grenade I have found since launch but I have a few double effects including Amp on a shield.

The luck stat increases the chance of Rare drops which is only blues if you think about it but I stay away from luck adjusters myself.

Personally I would just play normally and hit a machine as I passed but if farming vendors is fun for you then good luck but I think your catch rate so far only indicates how rare this drop is.

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Thanks @Prowler690

Some useful insights.

OK, so drop the Luck modifiers (probably not helping, and at worst negatively impacting i.e. artificially increasing Blues - so will test), and also keep farming the machines in the DLC.

I’m playing on Xbox One where my loading times rival those of a commercial aircraft :airplane:- thus having easily accessible Vending machines with multiple interplanetary loads (Spendopticon) is required.

I do actually want to find one of these, so I won’t be just hoping and checking the machines - nope - that is akin to giving up on my life long dream :grin: Instead I will be maximizing my chances by a statistically unlikely brute force assault.

Your Mimographing Tracker gives me hope, and hope may be my only strategy…



I’m on PS4 but if I find one I’ll shout it out to bolster your faith. :innocent:

Literally just found this in VIP Tower, have faith.


Triple effect items are the true legendary I think they are the rarest items in bl3, I am collecting them mostly for the pleasure to have something rare. I only got shields with 3 effects: I got a triple vagabond, a triple fire resist, a triple booster…

not only u wanna roll 3 amps you also then want good annointment :smiley: classic bl3


Hey @olivier_shady,

Good to know that there are multiple triple effect items out there, and that i’m not alone in my search for true Legendary Epics. Where did you find yours? If you don’t mind me asking, were any from Vending machines or were they all in-game play world drops? I’m still gathering insights so this would be good to know.


for what I recall most of them are from vending machines as I check them frequently . Also as the world drops are extremely diluted, I think vending machine are your best bet

OK, so I have learned something!

Not wanting to question your knowledge @Prowler690 which is probably correct for open play. I have found that If you don’t adorn yourself with LUCK you will not see many EPIC (Purple’s) in Vending machines at least. I opened about 50 machines on M4 with no LUCK from any source and then swathed myself in loaded dice, and Guardian LUCKINESS and ran 50 more - the difference was day and night hawkin. Over the course of a couple of hours I was able to generate about 40 double rolled shields (ie those with x2 effects the same, sadly 0 (zero point zero) with triple).

For the record, I’m figuring that there are 24 unique effects, and thus a statistical probability of 1:12 for any double, 1:576 for any triple, and 1:13,248. for a specific triple (say the One Shotter).



Thanks for the confirmation @oliver_shady - and yes, vending machines would seem the logical choice here!

Wandering the streets opening random vending machines has got a bit of a creepy Japanese vibe to it, but sometimes you just gotta go full Manga.

And then BOOM - or more like Bang, I finally get this… from a Vending Machine in VIP Tower (just before you kill Pretty Boy and his mech). Unsurprisingly a bit of a face palm, or maybe a face punch?


There is a forumite that is a stat wizard and may drop by with an observation at some point. It’s possible that the wording on luck should say epic rather than rare and it wouldn’t be the first typo from a developer. :wink:

I’ve seen results of various tests run on different aspects of the game and many run into the thousands of iterations to get a baseline. My experience with a measly 1% luck in a guardian point has been variable due to the RNG which I think in your sample so far is significant.

Sometimes machines are stuffed with purples, other times one or none it varies quite a bit so all I can say is if it seems running luck is working, go for it. I don’t run luck as whatever the description, it doesn’t say Legendary thus diluting the stuff I am aiming for in the main.

Add mightguyyo on ps4

I have one I’d trade

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Do I get it right, that this shield is only so good, because the legendary amp shields dont amp properly, thus, are broken?

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this or the contrary :rofl:

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Not only that. The one shotter shield recharges faster which means you can get more amp shots.

Hi @mightguy46,
Nice shield bro. Would be really useful if could confirm where exactly you got such a shield? I’m interested in obtaining one legitimately - so any data you have would be useful.

Tannis’s machine on sanctuary.

Thanks for the intel, @mightguy46 appreciated.
Tannis machine produces only one or two purple items max per time and is up there with the least productive Vending machines in the game (I have thus basically ignored it as a source recently), Doh! Maybe like Lottery tickets from some small lucky convenience store there is something in this location. … I will (if it’s ok) use your awesome picture in this forum :slight_smile: :grin:


Do you have this shield?