Pants phoebe possible (skin thread?) also, bunnies

For those who argument that collision boxes are an issue, you don’t need to change anything.
how much of that skirt you think it should be collision? anyway, even if you wanted to make a “skimpy” version, even a bikini, it’d be posible if they made a skirt made of thornedwires or even flowers and leaves a-la-deadoralive5
ot could even be a hawaiian skirt or a skirt made of stuffed bunnies. now i want to draw a bunny costume with a skirt of bunnies. i made this sketch just to show you it’s not actually that hard to imagine what’s down there. then again maybe she has the same hips as reyna…


I think she may be standing on a hover board. It’d be cool to see her standing on a anti grav disc above the ground, and see her hover, instead of walk. It would be very high class of her, in a sense of the word.

another quick sketch, im not sure they look like space bunnies, more like space poodles, but even if they go “skimpy doa costume” it IS posible without changing the collision boxes. hell, if you add a plushie sound when they hit her it could be super funny. my two cents.

Does every female character really have to be sexualized?

The costumes you suggest are Entirely out-of-character for Phoebe. she’s an aristocrat not a bikini-wearing bunny-lover. Much more likely to hunt rabbits than dress up as one.

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seriosly? why everything is about sexualization?

i never said i want this costume, i said (in both images) you can do something without affecting the collision box.

the “experts” say you can’t do a “pants phoebe” without afecting the collision boxes, but ive done it, hell lots of people have done it, in street fighter, in mortal kombat, if you want to get salty, even on overwatch. they’ve done it so much “EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO DO SKIMPY OUTFITS, THEY COULD”

not that i WANT them, that they CAN be done.

besides it’s a teen game. why would gearbox want a costume like that in a teen game?

and it was only one costume, not costumeS.

the other one is actually a gearsoft concept with traces on top of it.

again, it’s not a suggestion for a skin design, it’s around the idea it can be done.

not to sexualize, but to prove it can be done.

that was my point.

by the way if you want to argue about sexualization pelase note montana is not wearing a shirt.



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Okay everyone.

It seems to me like there was a misunderstanding in this thread that has been resolved.

I will say in the future to please either use polite PMs in this circumstance, or just try and clear the misunderstanding in a way that doesn’t invoke any form of hostility.

I actually would want a Phoebe without a poofy dress. I want a Phoebe with a Fencing uniform! But considering every part of the character model is its “hitbox” that might not be a possibility since pants on Phoebe will reduce her hitbox by a lot. It can be done, but in ways that restrict design for sure.

then again if someone uses his/her/its brain and instead of using a skirt they use an armature following the same idea i posted here, you don’t need to change the hitbox. in fact. AGAIN that was the whole point of my post. and again. jessuseffwordchristonadragqueenparty.