Paper pulse rifle!

Anoyone looking for a realistic looking PulseRifle but you don’t want to pay $400-$1000 for a actual shooter…EBAY has a paper pulserifle–You have to cut and fold it but if done right-It looks baddA$$ for $13 dollars-thru $30 dollars from different sellers.

Sounds cool! Can you link?

Hey Joe–5 bonus points if you know who sings that song…About the PulseRifle…Im slow at computers.So-the best I can do is say-go on EBAY-type in Paper Pulse Rifle and you will see it.If you want to share the link that’s cool --Also if you want-share the link to the Alien Warrior Costume on the other thread.Its badda$$$-Its the $750 dollar costume

Haha what can I say @Alien_Survivor96, my name is a pun. I mean, really. Found it and it IS pretty killer:

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