Paper salvage corvettes

HW1R salcap corvettes have been made obsolete. One hit from an ion cannon takes them out. I can see two hits destroying a salcap but not one hit. Strategy helps somewhat but the losses to salcaps makes salvaging unproductive. Having repair corvettes behind them does not help. The repair vettes are too slow to do any good. Salcaps seem to have less than 1/2 the armor they used to have. In some cases it’s worth exploring, such as capturing multibeams but other than these and Turanic corvettes and the occasional lone cloak gen (which are useless as is the cloaked fighter) or support frigate…

ineffective campaign ships: cloaked fighter (can’t hide), cloak gen (not needed), salcap (weak and should not be able to capture fighters or corvettes) repair corvette (too slow). M.P… Waste of time…

While I agree that the Salvage Corvettes can die pretty quickly if they are being shot at, I actually didn’t have much trouble capturing other ships in HW1R v2.0+ after changing from a direct approach to a more circumspect one. I just had to flank the enemy formations while they were busy with my other ships, and then I could usually get a few frigates or even capital ships while suffering at most a few Salvage Corvette casualties. Unless I did something really stupid, I came away far better off than I’d been before.

By the end of the final battle, I was well over the cap on both frigates and capital ships, and out of the 23 capital ships this screenshot shows, 16 were captured from the enemy.

I’m not saying that there isn’t room for tweaking the Salvage Corvettes, because there probably is, but as the game is now, the HW1R campaign is beatable even when the player’s fleet is well over the ship cap.

Of course it’s beatable. I’m thinking in terms of M.P. When a unit is never used it’s cannon fodder and a complete waste. Why would we want to waste “ANY” slot in this game?

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To be frank, if we make an attempt to ‘tighten’ HW1/HW2 in terms of reactive fleet, unit caps, difficulty - there’s going to be logic added to apply limits to sal caps - and capped units. I honestly feel like Sal Cap strategy was a cheap design - and that players should have to work harder (eg more micro) to successfully deploy them. That’s my personal feeling.

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Seriously??? It was a post about game aspects. SP and MP. Not confined.

I see your points and respect your opinions. Would you consider removing the salvage corvette cap since they’re much more vulnerable than they’ve ever been; capping them generally with corvettes as it was in the original? I don’t think it would be a serious game changer but it would go a long way in making the salcap a viable unit again.

I don’t consider anything - it’s a joint effort - including the community. When I have a bit more time I’ll start some changelist items to cover many of these things - or others can do that and save everyone some time…

I’m starting to feel like a broken record though:

  • Make a thread under the (very soon to be renamed) HWRM MP Beta category.
  • Describe the problem to a reasonable detail.
  • Describe the suggested solution(s).
  • We (collectively) will try a few different versions if it isn’t cut & dry which is best, and finally one will become the ‘fix’, and be kept in the patch_preview until it is merged over to the public release.

I posted this thread before I saw the note. When I asked for consideration I of course assumed you personally weren’t going to make the decision. It was aimed at the dev team in general :slight_smile: