Paradise base defenses

I really think the Paradise map needs looking at. It is way too easy for a team to dive and push you back. We had one match where the opposing team largely acted as a “kill squad” almost ignoring minions and just focusing on attacking us and going into our “base” (the area with the elite minion teleporters and heal station), and this strategy worked well. This just doesn’t seem like it should be a thing based off my play in other MOBAs. If you try to go all-mid in League of Legends, you’re just going to lose because you’re not playing the game right. If you’re ignoring minions in Meltdown and treating the game like it’s team deathmatch or capture, you should lose.

Part of the issue is, the map. There’s no penalty for diving, there’s no safe space to retreat to other than practically back at your spawn point. It’s too easy for people to get behind you and in a MOBA, that’s a big deal. I mean, that’s what the lane turrets in League prevent, people getting behind you and ganking you. It really seems like the “base” area could use more defenses to prevent people from being able to dive so effectively and get behind you. I think this would make the map a lot better.

As it stands, my group and I vote for Coldsnap every time because it is just, in my opinion, the superior map. There’s a bit more shards, which helps get gear and buildables up faster, and it’s a lot harder to gank on.

This is a big problem with Meltdown and has been since beta, and is part if the reason why I play Incursion almost exclusively. Incursion is a mode where better strategy and team composition wins out every time where sadly Meltdown is just more kills = win more often than not :frowning:

I agree to some extent. I think this is why certain team comps can dominate so hard. I wonder if it would have been better if there was a much stronger turret (in addition to the thumper) in between the first and second grinder. This turret would some how be linked to the two the first grinder and once the first grinder is moved this turret would be destroyed with it.