Paragon is shutting down, expect a small influx of players

This is probably the only second wind this game will ever get. And it’s probably gonna be small. Just saying for anyone who wants to jump in for one last go.

Honestly, I doubt it. I wish there were players coming to Battleborn, but it kinda has a stigma.


Very unlikely. Sadly. Everybody already forgot about Battleborn. 5-10 new people will not matter anyway.

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What happened to paragon?

I thought it was doing okay.

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Basically, it would be like if Gearbox had made an even better game literally right after battleborn and ditched all efforts on battleborn to focus on their popular game. If gearbox had one.

Seems like Gigantic is following this trend as well.

i heard MXM’s last day online was yesterday too. What’s next? Lawbreakers?

the player count on lawbreakers is already very low. i have seen a few screenshot that show that there are not enough players to even setup a single match (i believe you need at least 8 players to start a match).

But it’s a shame that these (type of) games are closing down. I haven’t been able to play them but their concepts look very promising. It would be great if some of those players can find a “home” in Battleborn and if they need help with the game I can always provide guidance.


Gigantic just announced it’s closing down. So many of these games are ceasing production - just not enough player base interest in the genre seemingly…specifically on consoles from what i see.

Smite is the last of them on consoles now I believe and it will be propped up and kept alive likely only due to the PC segment.


I play a lot of Xbox Smite, and I have friends who play on PS4 on the regular. Unless Hi-Rez pulls something like they did in Paladins, that playerbase isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Not gonna lie, momentarily made me wanna go reclaim Battleborn. Twas a fun ride that would have been better with more and frequent support

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Damn I wanna hop back on now, especially after seeing that other f2p games are shutting down.

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I’m hopping into Battleborn, desperate to try something fun and free and not coming up with much.

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what platform?

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