Parody of Economic Crash with Borderlands 2 Intro

Hey Everyone! Level 80 Meme-mancer here! (Siren, OP10)

I wanted to do the character parts, but also didn’t want to steal the entire song by The Heavy, so I stopped at the train passing by. I was pretty shocked at how fast the concept popped into my head, after watching the Rakks fly by, in the beginning…

Just a small video poking fun at the situation with meme stonks, and the rumors of massive crashes / squeezes, in different market sectors. There’s a really die hard community of silver investors I shared it with on Reddit that really liked it (I tied them in to some themes in the original video), and because of the whole GME squeeze in February, gamer memetics about stocks have been REALLY well received. I figured one of the most legendary games of all time would make a pretty cool parody. There isn’t much, besides video games, that engage me enough to learn edits, and it’s a nice break between guides <3 I hope it makes somebody laugh!

May you all of loot rainbow weapons today (but watch out for rainbow bears) <3