Parody Skins you'd like to see

Optimus Prime Skin for Caldarious

Assassin Creed skin for Deande and Rath

Shadow/sonic skin for Orendi

Call of Duty skin for Oscar Mike

Nightcrawler skin for pendles

John Cena/Booker T skin for El Dragon

Morpheus skin for Ghalt

And not a parody skin but a skin of Gali without armor would be the best


But… But she’s not a hedgehog, and sonic has only two arms…

Wouldn’t this make more sense on Pendles, givin that he wears a hoodie?

But he’s got no tail, isn’t blue, and is a SNAKE!

Yes. In fact, HELL yes. Take my like.

Also, i’d like to see Ernest wearing a KFC bucket, like those “very poor” barrels you see in some older cartoons. Oh, and plucked, of course.


I said sonic/shadow because with the right gear she’s fukkin fast xd

yeah you’re right true

Yeah but it’s still be fun you know? even tho it’s not teleporting his cloak and smoke bomb reminds me a lot like it xd

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Maybe a set of reverse skins for Oscar Mike and Whiskey? Oscar Mike in rogue armour, and Whiskey in UPR armor. Keep Whiskey’s Helmet mohawk, pls.

I’d assume Oscar would look less monster-y though.


I would like to see a Kelvin costume where he looks like golem from Pokemon, Aka my favorite Pokemon

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A Little Sister skin for Beatrix. Both games are under 2K and the inspiration in the design already seems obvious


You can have all of what money I do not have Gearbox if you do that

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Dude, Snivy is boss. Fite me.

I love grass types because I don’t like winning, but I love ADORABLE pokemon.

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No its all about Milotic
I hate water and grass types with a passion…but Milotic; One of the few exceptions

Snivy, Bulbasaur and Chikorita are the best pokemon. Not only are they starters, but they are all freakin’ adorable.

I’m not all about effectiveness, it’s all about presentation. Cuter pokemon = better pokemon.

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Well in that case, I find Eelektross to be highly uhmmm, attractive…yes that’s the word. It is so hideous that it is attractive.
Like the Morbols/Malboros in the Final Fantasy series. <3


Back in the day, i would tear through your pathetic grass type pokemon with my Heracross; bug AND fighting made him the bane of dark type pokemon, which was great, because they had just released, and EVERYONE was using them. Megahorn for the win, haha!

Seriously though, no offense, but i feel that grass type was the one truly useless type, as there were other types that were better against the same types that grass was strong against. Seriously, come at me; throw up an example, and i’ll bet ya i can shoot it down.


Now about ‘Parody’ skins…


This for Deande. Rayne’s attire.


Are you kidding me? I know they’re trash. But they are always the cutest starters, so that’s what I pick, and I give 'em everstones. F*ck evolution, STAY ADORABLE, DAMMIT.

It’s not like it matters. I’ve got a completionist mindset, so I literally walk through people after I get started. Pokemon singleplayer is too damn easy, and multiplayer is too damn hard.

I just play mystery dungeon so I can actually have a challenge without wanting to blow my brains out because some 6 year old knows the meta that I delibrately ignore.

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Heheh… Whiskey Foxtrot likes the “adorable Pokemon”… What would the others think?

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Pfft. Who cares? Not everyone plays pokemon for the battles.

But if you really wanna see a tough dude who likes cute things, you should see which pokemon are in Aurox’s favourites. Heheh, even WORSE.

He’s also said a few things about you, Toby. Something about calling you adorable…?
Just figured you should know, heheh.
(EDIT Yes, Cam, in my headcanon, you are actually Toby. Gratz.)


You forgot my favorite grass type, turtwig. Torterra is really my favorite but you got to start somewhere. Lol

Whiskey needs a snivy costume.

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Squeals like a girl and shakes fists excitedly.

EDIT: Out of likes…

YES! Freaking love Bioshock! Kelvin could have a bouncer big Daddy costume.

I’m probably the only person thinking this, but I really want an All-Might skin for El Dragon.