Partially Lost File

So I had a series of pc issues, and had to do a fresh install of everything the other day. Installed all my RGB/startup programs, got onto my games and installed BL3. Went through the cloud save/local save steps and got to play the game.
Now here is where my problem starts. I still technically have my play through still healthy, lvl 60 and my progression through the latest DLC is all there, BUT my Guardian rank is only like 6 or something even though I still have all the perks of it and all the skins you unlock through leveling. ALL my legendaries from my bank are GONE. All my extra skins/decorations are GONE. All of my “Nu-You” items are GONE.

Essentially, it saved my character’s storyline progression and what my character physically had on them at the time, but reset EVERYTHING. This isn’t the worst thing, since I still have the actual progress but I JUST got a really cool weapon skin that looks all galaxy like, and then ANOTHER one the other day that perfectly matched my psychedelic character skin.

I have tried all the “.sav” or “.tmp” suggestions from awhile back and those didnt help. :[

The stuff that’s missing (all common items) is in a profile.sav file. I don’t know if Epic cloud save also backs that up or not, but that’s what you’re looking for.

Did you have any independent backup of your documents folder? OneDrive? Windows Incremental?

This is all I have, didn’t think I had to back everything up because I never had an issue with cloud saves but def will be moving forward

If the profile.sav file was missing when you relaunched the game, it would have created a new one. As I said, I don’t know if Epic also backs that file up or not, but I’ve seen a few posts recently where the cloud save seems to have messed up. I would definitely recommend a local external backup drive or independent OneDrive backup. (Probably both.) Yes, I’m paranoid about my files!

I think I’m just going to have to accept the loss of the skins, but I’d really like it to fix the guardian level

I’ve heard different information on this, but you may want to try loading up each save in turn in game to see if anything gets restored.

I’d also recommend checking your Epic client settings just in case anything ended up differently after the reinstall.