Particle effects on Zanes shield are HORRIBLE

The particle effects when shooting through zanes shield/being shot at (action skill) are waaaay too much. Especially when the shield is close/picked up.

I dont have epilepsy but i genuinely feel if i play with a picked up shield and a rapid fire weapon i might develop it.

At times especially with higher firing rate weapons the particles cover enemies entirely AT CLOSE RANGE!

Please tone those down significantly.


Honestly the visual clutter all over the game is just terrible. I’ve had moments where I’ve had the barrier up and just can’t see because there were too many badass fanatics or other enemies blowing up everything around me. Using the shield with the bubble modifier and picked up puts some giant creases across your screen too.
And yeah, the pixel trail as you shoot through the shield is a bit much. Makes it clear where some less noticeable projectiles are going but for the most part it’s just more unnecessary visual clutter.


Totally agree, cant see a cow’s arse with that shield deployed, and never mind hitting anything with a banjo!


Hallelujah we have been preaching it. For 2 weeks now everything is purple and I can not see what is going on. I hope next patch addresses it

Wanna see something fun? Fl4k + zane + jacobs.

Shield Buff +fl4k crit build + ricochet bullets = i can not see anything at all!!

Just just add an option to tone down effects, seriously. This feels like toby’s (battleborn) shield all over again :weary:

+1 i stopped using shield because i couldnt see anything :)!!

using the barrier dome, is one of the best options zane has and you toss it away for what exactly? i stated many times that you should try to pick up your barrier as little as possible.

I noticed this today. The better your scope the worse it is. Problem is huge if you like rapid fire.

problem is still huge if you like aiming at all, not only your shots block the way so does clone and god forbid enemies have maliwan guns… your screen will be full of the balls of different colors.

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100% agree. Particle effects should be toned down, or at least by option toned down


The vision blinds you so much particle colliding with Zane’s shield. I hope this is fixed.

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Let’s keep naggin till this happens. Not being sarcastic, but I have clinically sensitive eyes and using the barrier as intended stresses my eyes out with the seizure inducing flikkering. Focusing on a distant enemy is already some strain, but to follow it up with BLACK WHITE BLACK WHITE screen is horrendous.

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I was doing slaughter shaft and between ice rockets, corrosive rockets, my bullets, phantoms and terror effects I couldn’t see anything in front of me. I walked up the the nearest bad a@@ rocket spammer emptied my Maggie in the general location of what I hoped was it’s face and prayed I hit anything. Then ran around until I could see again, trying to pick off any weak enemies I could. Slaughter Shaft would be a lot easier if I could see what I am trying to kill. No wonder everyone says it’s the most difficult content in the game.


+1 to everything written here.

Almost all of the the game’s particle effects need to be toned down a fair bit, Zane’s barrier probably being the worst offender.

The Barrier effects do look pretty ace, if you’re not trying to hit anything.

It’s like being drunk at a COV rave, where everybody is shooting at you.

Agreed. I stopped using the shield because of this, went back to drone and clone. It’s much more fun playing with skills that don’t burn my retinas out!

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Not even going to read the comments! Zane’s shield is horrible to look at and through! Which is sad because it’s a huge part of my favorite mobbing build in the game.

I love the Bekah and want to use barrier but with a 3x scope my shots look like a literal blob of purple. I cant see anything. This cant be intended.

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If you projected a live play in a large enough screen of slaughter shaft the barrier particles, three or four rocket spammers and their effects you could get a nice rave going. That or you would have an effective epilepsy weapon…