Parting Gift - a sober comparison

Who loves Mellka and can’t quite let it go? This chick right here.

So, first things first:

The venom nerf was aimed at her canisters (judged by the hotfix wording.) This move appeared to overlook that a host of helixes were adversely affected by the change as well.

I’m gonna bold this because it’s the crux of the problem:

Many of her helixes were designed around venom being a legitimate source of damage.

She used to do 35 venom DPS. After the back-to-back venom damage decreases, she does 6 venom DPS.

That’s 17% of its original damage.

There are many helixes that are designed around a damaging venom core (Frag Canister, Venom Contagion), but I want to focus on the one that is most blatantly underpowered after this massive damage decrease:

Parting Gift.

Venom was an indispensable portion of Parting Gift’s damage, as Parting Gift itself is woefully underpowered. This has become truly apparent now that venom is no longer a damage source.

Parting Gift enhances Spike with a DOT patch effect. It lasts five seconds, ticks per second, and the radius (until level 6, with Spike Burst) is very small.

Compared to other area damage pools in the game, this is how it stacks up. Some of these are helix ugprades, like PG, and some are on base skills. There were a couple I realised I missed later (like Dragon’s).




The kicker? Parting Gift is only one of two of these damage pool abilities that is deposited at melee range. It’s actually more dangerous to use than any of the above, but it pays off far less. (The other is Forsaken Ground, which pays off. Dragon’s is also melee range and, actually, is also fairly underwhelming - a base 33 DPS. Still significantly more than Parting Gift’s 21. Both these abilities also have much larger radiuses.)

If venom is no longer to be a meaningful damage source, Parting Gift needs to be buffed.

And if you don’t play Mellka or care, consider this - she almost entirely lost her wave clear ability overnight, in a hotfix, without warning. What kind of precedent does this set for balance?


I knew it! That fking pinguin is op!! His base dmg is above any other sniper!!

Right melka, poison melka, yes the melka poison


Edit: also the other two options are crap… Parting gift should be default like shane slow…


It’s okay, it’s not like Arc Mine can also stun or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: just to be clear, I think Toby is fine haha


Technically fire walk with me also has to be melee range.

Don’t mind me, I’m just being a smartass

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Most shameful part? I noticed afterward, but didn’t even bother to fix it.


No need for shame, Gearbox has shown very little when it comes to Mellka and Australians, so it’s fair.

Yep wave clear is gone, I told several people when they tell me Mellka needs another nerf, still deadly af, clears minion with ease. It’s not easy and it will never be the same again, a part of me has hope gbx would revert her or have a buff more because honestly she can’t do much. I’m sure they notice by now i been commenting on their stuff just saying… “Mellka” lol even if it’s not related to the topic. Though I accepted the fact that they won’t listen to our views and that’s just me being desperate, I eagerly wait weekly for the battleplan to help Mellka but with the recent one being related to her, it’s adding insult to injury more.
Every single match I begin with the thought… Can I contribute enough to my team? Will I be able to enjoy the play? Will I get called out again for using Mellka with randoms? Will I recieve msgs saying “Glad she got a nerf, cheap poop overpowered character design” which I did received recently lol
I will still play her regardless of the nerfs they keep putting on her even if it were useless, it may have been useful for another Mellka user and it isn’t fair for the constant red bar Mellka mains. Gearbox please help us, if this was your vision of her then you should’ve done so back in May 3, 2016, not now that we had a play style with her and overnight just change.
I’m just an optimistic person in general and I’m hoping one day a change for the greater good and buff pls.


No need for shame. I played mellka on an op and immediately noticed the Mountain Dew…but how they keep her in this place is ugly…

At least after el dragon got needed he could still hurt an enemy(I picked him up after the nerf and did moderately well so I can attest to this)

But mellka doesn’t have damage or health…

So no shame to you…but don’t listen to mushu either(Mulan references for the win)

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My bad my sentence is terrible lol midterm week I’m exhausted af

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Melka might be in a confusing place right now, but she is still pretty good. I’ve been playing her recently and getting about 150k damage a game, and making some really good plays. She’s still very playable and wasn’t nerfed quite as bad as El Dragon!

This is a data-based topic, so if you have data available, I’d appreciate it. “150k damage” by itself doesn’t mean anything unless we have the context of your game mode, team comp (and support buffs), enemy team comp (and their support buffs / healing), and loadout.

150k damage with support against an enemy team that runs a pocketed tank in Overgrowth =/= unsupported 150k damage against a CC comp in Meltdown.

There is objectively no doubt that Mellka was seriously nerfed because venom does 17% of its original DPS. If you would like to argue she is still a great, damage dealing machine, I am all for it, and would like to see your working.

edit: I should add that I’ve never played her yet with buff to her pistol damage. I would redo my detailed breakdown of all her damage sources from my old guide, but seeing as almost everything was changed in just a few weeks, it feels like an exercise in futility.

Figures I wrote a numbers guide for the one character whose numbers repeatedly change. :disappointed:


Eden working vs gbx balance staff




Btw, this is my favorite venom damage comparison so far:

Miko’s venom - 50 damage over 2 seconds (25 DPS)
Mellka’s venom - 48 damage over 8 seconds (6 DPS)

Because venom doesn’t stack, only re-applies, this means that

Miko venom damage over 8 seconds - 200
Mellka venom damage over 8 seconds - 48

Yep, Miko’s venom now does 4.1x the the damage of Mellka’s venom.



U… u just killed it…


Tea time.


I apologize, this was a few days ago so I don’t have a picture to show, so my data is kinda lacking. Okay her venom got nerfed, but she can still deal a lot of damage, 30+ damage per shot x 20 bullets in a mag is 600+ damage per magazine (assuming you hit all the bullets, which on some characters is easy to do, especially if you spike slow them). You should try her out and see what she does to orendis and kid ultras.

Sometimes, numbers aren’t everything. The stats don’t show her ability to dive right in and harass people, probably secure some kills, distract people from your teammates whilst they get free hits in and then escape with the push of a button.

The thing that annoys me though is the comparison to El Dragon’s nerf. It doesn’t even compare. El Dragon couldn’t even poke his head out without getting melted, especially early game, and he took a nerf on almost everything! Stop comparing Melka’s nerf to Dragon’s people!

I’m no Melka main, but I picked her up this past week and I’ve been finding it pretty easy to do well, I don’t think she’s one of the strongest characters in the game right now but for me she’s still pretty good and a lot of fun!

Also, if you think this is kinda off topic, I’d be happy to delete this post and discuss with you in pm if you would prefer?

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Is that “Tea” man one of Dr. Wily’s creations, haha?! Because i can TOTALLY see that…

Prepares to defend Toby.

Nods in approval.

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You’re right it doesn’t compare, I picked up el dragon after the nerds and found ways to compensate whenever I felt in the mood to play el dragon,

So what would the metric be to use for a baseline of damage, survivability and mobility? Because for a character to be skewed against one thing needs a boost in another(or else the scales are UNBALANCED)

I’m asking this because I like to gather information and I’ve followed quite a few of the threads in here discussing character mechanics (and examined the evidence when presented as well)

@EdenSophia, @Ashbweh

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Mellka is bae


Melka needs some Reyna Lovin. I know on pc when my buddy goes Melka, I go Reyna and he gets some kills in. Nothing like a flying overshielded squirrel

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@EdenSophia had some reyna love today :wink:

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