Partner Search for Casual Play/Occasional Shenanigans


I’m here in search of a game play partner to accompany me across a wide variety of adventures and battles. I like to keep things fun and casual majority of the time, but I do know how to buckle down and play serious. My Mechromancer is at OP8, but I rarely play in that level anymore. Highest I have been venturing to is OP4, but usually it’s just level 72. I enjoy farming midgets in Sawtooth Cauldron, while in co-op especially, since you don’t have to save and quit for every run. I also like messing with Varkids and trying to spawn Vermivorous. Overall though, I’m up for whatever sounds fun!

I’m in the Eastern Standard Time zone (East Coast, USA) and I have almost unlimited free time to play. Messaging my PSN is the best way to reach me at any time. I also have a mic if you’d like to use those. My availability starts now!


  • Looking for co-op partner for casual/fun game play
  • I am from East Coast, USA. (Eastern Standard Time)
  • I am OP8, but play at lv. 72 with a Mechromancer
  • I DO have a mic if requested
  • Message my PSN to contact me best. Second best is to post here
  • I’m available for co-op immediately if requested.

PSN: Jody-Bryan