Parts Discussion (remaster)

Dropping other stuff becaus we’ll just argue about it until the heat death of the universe but why is that not good in borderlands? It kind of supports both camps - randomized parts to add on randomized guns.

Seems like a win win.

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I admit I interpreted this as not being randomized. I suppose hypothetically it could work out, if they managed to do the pacing for perfect part acquisition similar to BL1, with a long smooth acquisition curve. In a case like that the considerations are basically similar to a normal loot system pacing wise, just arguably with an additional layer of complication.

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You must be on a more sophisticated sub Reddit than me

And besides bl2 lacking the gun materials/different mags of bl1, the systems aren’t that different. Grips don’t matter in bl1, but bodies do. Bl2 bodies don’t matter, but grips do. Barrels still have an effect in bl2, but they’re fixed on most guns. And bl1 accessories just became prefixes in bl2


Yeah, they’re eminently comparable. Actually the reduction in compatible parts is what Ars and I first argued about in BL2 I think? Well, might’ve been from pacing originally, but I think that was a long thread.

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They’re still accessories. There’s actually three acc. slots in BL2 and TPS: one is element, one is accessory, and one is special (glitch and luneshine use the third slot.) Admittedly, some of the accessories are not very noticeable!


And another thing, brands don’t matter very much in bl1, brands in bl2 are much more varied. Torgue got a true identity. Maliwan became the true elemental manufacture, vladof is the bullet hose, bandit is cheap crap that’s decent but inaccurate, Hyperion got it’s recoil thing, and tediore is now chuckable.

Y’all know that tho, probably didn’t need to type it all out

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