Parts Guide for weapons

I used to have one saved in the older forum something I could study and learn from and memorize. If anyone can either refer me to the page Id greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance.

I’ve got all weapon parts info graphics linked in the [Top Gear for aurelia thread] ([Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock) , maybe you can grab them from there.

This has all pictures on one page, do what I did and save it for offline on your phone :smiley:


Thanks for the thought bro, I really appreciate it, its not letting me click the link, Im on a android device. Ya thats what Ill do when I get one I can look at, save it for offline reading.

Ya seeing what different grips, barrels, sights look like will help…

Dangit. Doesn’t work pn my phone either, standard copy/paste works though