Parts, Prefixes , Maggies and Zer0

So I’ve reset UVHM and now I can farm the Maggie. The only other Maggie I’ve had was from the train and it was a Loaded w/ Vladof grip. Not the best, but I still loved it.

My question is what is the best prefix for Zer0? I know this may be up to personal preference. My research so far indicate that I want either the Dastardly or the Trick Shot.

So far I’ve gotten the following: Bowie/Jakobs grip, Trick Shot/Jakobs grip, Two Fer/Jakobs grip, and Dastardly/Hyperion grip. Yeah, I’ve killed Mr Zafford a couple times.

I see alot of folks downright hate the Two Fer. I will admit it seems less accurate, but it still kills stuff pretty easily. It does have some recoil, but it’s definitely not unusable.

The Dastardly and Trick Shot seem to be the favorites. My Dastardly having a Hyperion grip reports the least damage on it’s card. I’m assuming if it had a Jakobs grip it would report the most damage?

The Trick Shot is what I’m currently rolling with and it seems to tear stuff up. Especially if I toss a singularity nade in the middle of a group of enemies. The BORE effect is very strong.

I guess my question is should I farm for a Dastardly w/ Jakobs grip or stick with the Trick Shot?

It’s an easy farm, and kinda fun too. ( I do miss killing the Hodunks, but I’ve got a solution in progress for that). And, is there some sort of unlisted bonus on the Dastardly or does it show the least damage because of the Hyperion grip?


Dastardly jakobs grip, but dahl grip and a few other prefixes aren’t bad.i hate two fer and trick shot tho

Dastardly increases damage, but Hyperion grip lowers it


The reduction in damage does indeed come from the Hyperion grip.

Grip choice is actually a bit tricky with the Maggie and other Jakobs pistols. The obvious is Jakobs for more damage, bigger mag and faster reload. The added recoil makes it inaccurate if you’re trying to spam head shots though. I’ve gone with Dahl grip for its recoil reduction even though it also reduces damage.

I’m curious why people prefer/recommend Trick Shot though. It’s the Jakobs replacement for the fire rate accessory, which I’ve only found use for on the Unforgiven. Do the bouncing bullets really work better with Bore?

Two Fer : well, you just have to treat it like a mini shotgun. It’s ok, but not my cup.

Higher base damage works best with Zer0 so he can use all his crit bonuses to the greatest effect ; so Dastardly is technically best, but maybe not worth it if you’re happy with what you’ve got.


I’ll do a couple runs this evening. I’ve been pretty lucky with Jakobs grips thus far.

I think they may in certain environments. I’ve been using Southpaw as my new weapon test bed. I’ll run through the first part of the map with each. I’ve already done so with the Two Fer and the Trick Shot and I didn’t have much problem killing stuff. I will say the Two-Fer was a more spray and pray.

Usually of the threesome of psychos at the beginning of the map, one gets away. I’ve been able to get all three with the Trick Shot pretty consistently, and there is definitely some Bore going on. That said there was Bore with the Two-Fer as well, but it didn’t seem as much and one enemy escapes about half the time. So I don’t know. I’m really just curious in what other more experienced players have to say on the matter.


I always test fire/killing spree to see what works best for me. That being said; With Zer0 I stick with highest damage. Prefix? Dastardly outdoors where I can line my shots up, Trick Shot indoors when slowing down isn’t always practical, and almost always leading off with SSK (slag, singularities, kunai. I wish slag singularities were better at slagging). Grips? I like the way Jakobs looks, so that’s my move. After that recoil reduction, so Dahl.
Everything above should be annotated with question marks, because my guiding light is always “whatever works for me right now”.


Did it not kill stuff? If it did, then I don’t see the need for a “better one”. Or perhaps killing enemies just isn’t enough. You want to make them… more dead. Deader than dead! As dead as anything could ever be! :smile:

I’m sorry! I’m in that mood again. It’s just that so many players are so hung up on having the most powerful stuff, when it’s not needed. I took the liberty and checked the damage output on some of the Maggie variations. And guess what? Most of them have roughly the same damage output.

Dahl or Hyperion grip with Loaded, Trick shot or no prefix at all, had a damage output per shot that ranged between 66700 x 6 and 69200 x 6. All at level 72. Jakobs grip or Dastardly prefix added ~10 % to these numbers.

If the goal is to be able to one-shot enemies from Deception, then I know what I would choose. And if bouncing bullets are on the wishlist, then Trick shot is the way to go. But apart from that… It doesn’t really matter, now does it!?

On a side note… I learned that the grip decides the name of the gun when you have no accessory. Like… Slick maggie (Dahl), Fine Maggie (Hyperion) and Ornery Maggie (Jakobs).

I wish singularities were better… Period!



My 2nd drop after about 30 minutes of farming:

Never in the history of the game has it given me what I want that quickly. Now, I would’ve liked a Jakobs scope, but I’m not complaining. This scope is actually quite effective.

Took it out to Southpaw and did a couple quick runs of the first handful of enemies. I can see keeping both of these in my backpack.

Now I’m gonna go kill some tubbies for a Bekah…while my luck is up.


Well, that was some time ago. It was probably level 50 or something. I dunno.

You are right about this…I played the game for quite some time before these forums and had no clue about parts, didn’t care about prefixes. I was just happy to get a legendary. This forum turned me into a min/maxer(something else I learned about in these forums). But again you are right. and I understand you are just doing your job.

But yeah, I want my enemies the deadest they can be.

How much more dead can they be? and the answer is none…none more dead.


It’s part of the loot/farming culture maybe? Not that I understand that either, but it also seems to be a thing.

I am, however, very particular about parts for rocket launchers, but the parts there, in my opinion, can make a much larger tactical difference in how the weapon handles (I’m thinking of rocket speed, reload speed, swap speed, magazine size, that sort of thing).

On topic: I like the Two-Fer prefix myself. Jakobs has so many other pistols that excel at long range, that I’m using this as a basic shotgun role (close enough range that I can get those, what, ten rounds with this prefix to crit). For me, only Zer0 uses this gun, so reload speed isn’t an issue, damage isn’t an issue, fire rate isn’t an issue (and the standard magazine size is fine with me).

I don’t suppose either of you play on PC? The UCP can do exactly this (and only this if you otherwise want the game to remain “pure”). Having grenades maybe or maybe not add DoT to their damage is okay with me, but I still maintain an expectation that a slag grenade should actually apply slag guaranteed (and not just pop slag damage). The same goes for rocket launchers.

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Nope. Console peasant over here :raising_hand_man:.
I’m a little afraid of the UCP, actually. Not because I’m vehemently against it, but because I don’t trust myself to not take it too far.